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About Business

When we decided to open our agency, we both were unemployed and we had realized that we need to find a steady job that will help us to last. On the other hand, the only area that we were so familiar with was unemployment. We were aware that this wouldn’t be easy without a good strategy. Little by little, we manage to gather as many professionals around us and to build a great team. Nowadays our company has become strong, and we have about 500 employees.

We realized how important is to consult people to choose so “popular” vacancies. We did the research and applied the dual system of education. We believe that nowadays informal education is more important than formal one. We believe that you cannot stop learning if you thing to succeed. You need to work on yourself constantly and to continue improving your skills. It is the only way to beat the competition. We realized this and created our little empire. What is your excuse? Do not hesitate and contact us via mail or over the telephone.