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Generalities When to Party? There is only one thing I didn't like about Almaty nightlife: The bars and clubs are only happening on weekends and they are dead on weekdays. Even on Wednesdays, it is difficult to find somewhere that isn't completely empty. Clubs start to fill up at midnight and they close at 5 AM or 6 AM. ID Card Don't forget to bring your passport with you as you may be asked for a proof of identification even if you look old and rich. Many clubs are not allowed for people under 21 even under 25 sometimes but if you are part of a larger group, they will probably turn a blind eye on your age. A large local beer will cost between Tenge and 1, Tenge Tenge in a supermarket , and a glass of spirit between 1, Tenge and 2, Tenge. A taxi ride will cost you Tenge for 10 minutes less with Uber. A fun night out will cost you around 20, Tenge 60 USD. Meeting Girls Almaty is one of the best cities in the world to meet girls. Tinder works very well, you'll normally get more matches than you can handle. You can also try Mamba Russian dating app and Badoo. In nightclubs and bars, Kazakh girls are easy to approach. I have been to all these venues around mid-June If I forgot an important one, please leave a comment below. Oddly, it is located within the Park of 28 Panfilov Guardsmen, just one hundred meters from the eternal flame commemorating soldiers who died during the World War II. I visited at 2AM, just after Ooh Chic which is around the corner. You also have a small terrace for smokers. Great for meeting people. The atmosphere was really lively, with all customers in full party mode. The space between each becomes the dance floor during peak hours on Friday and Saturday. Expensive prices for Almaty standards 1, - 2, Tenge for drinks. Chic, well-dressed and beautiful crowd. Don't even attempt to enter if you are wearing shorts. They'll also look at your ID to prove that you are over 24 for guys or 21 for girls. During the weekend, it can get really full and you may have to queue before entering. It is foreigner-friendly, with many hot girls inside looking to hook up with anyone who is European, American or Australian. Prices are affordable Tenge for the cheapest beer. On the first floor, the main dancing spot features Top 40 music live and DJs. Number one pick up bar in Almaty to meet normal Kazakh girls. Chukotka Tuyskan A cool bar for hipsters and artsy people. Hard to find as there aren't any exterior signs in English. Just look for a red light and a long tunnel at the corner of Kabanbai Batyr street and Dostyk Avenue. I spent most of my time in the latter, which was almost packed. Many pretty girls and some sexy dancers. Gogol Club Gan Bei Another great club, with mostly hip hop music. It is intimate, with a long bar in the middle of the main room, great for meeting new people. Pricier than average, it attracts the elite of Almaty. This is the place to go to if you want to hook up with models and socialites. Drinks cost at least 1, Tenge. More Kazakhs than Russians in the crowd. Gan Bei Vzletnaya A secret after-hour nightclub with techno music. The strangest place I've been to in Almaty. Only for die-hard clubbers. It is a challenge to find it: There, you will see a door like this: Secret entrance of Vzletnaya Someone will be at the entrance to filter the guests. As long as you look OK you'll be admitted just don't be loud or drunk. It closes at 11 AM if I remember correctly. This is a video I shot inside with my phone: It has the reputation of being a pick up place for foreign guys. Girls are mostly freelance prostitutes, but you may also find normal ones. The entrance fee was 2, Tenge with a free enormous beer. Lots of people dancing and socializing. Mixed Russian and Kazakh crowd. It is actually more like a pub, with sports channels on TV, a large selection of beers and a static crowd. You can go there to warm up, before hitting the clubs. William Lawson 13 Ooh Chic When we visited Ooh Chic, there was some confusion at the entrance that led my friend and I to accidentally buy 2 bottles of wine 10, Tenge in total. It tasted terrible but it made the whole night a lot more fun. The place in itself does not have anything special. There are two floors: Below is the bar, facing a large square-shaped dance floor. Upstairs is a lounge area with sofas and tables. At 2 AM, it was half empty and even more by 3 AM. The customers were almost all Russians, including many gorgeous ladies. At some point, there were 2 sexy dancers that I filmed with my phone: Free entrance but the drinks are quite expensive 1, for the cheapest beer. Many pretty girls in the public, they might be prostitutes though. Next to Slim Club. The DJ played a little longer but there were no customers except for a group of friends. I didn't find any mention of this place on the internet but it's quite easy to find it. It is on the third floor of the building just in front of Slim and Fun To Mass. Slim That's another club I visited very late, just before closing time. There were only about 50 customers left 40 guys and 10 girls. It seemed to me like a middle-class, easy-going nightclub. I just had a quick look around 2AM and it was almost empty. The music was very loud EDM. It seems some of the girls were prostitutes. All you can drink beer for 3, Tenge. Barcode Killfish Discount Bar Killfish is a chain of discount bars with dozens of locations in Russia. They have at least 2 branches in Almaty. I visited the newest one on Rozybakiev street with a group of 4 friends, lured in by the promise of cheap booze. Our hopes were high but the evening turned out to be a disaster: Terrible service minute wait, rude staff , deafening music, and a scam we bought an expensive mojito jug which contained no alcohol in it. We also learned that the "discounts" only applies if you are a member. I recommend you to avoid this place. If you are on a budget, just buy alcohol at the supermarket. Killfish is half-way between a bar and a nightclub. Some people drink with their friends in private booths, and the rest will be on the dance floor. Killfish Almaty More clubs and bars I didn't go to: There are several nightclubs I couldn't visit because of a lack of time. Some of them seem interesting and if you've been there, I would love to hear your comment: Underground Club and Bar: Is it a hip hop club? Elite karaoke, restaurant and lounge Aura and Grand Opera: High-end karaokes Tapas Bar: I just passed in front of this place. They had live latin music and it was full. Almaty girls

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  1. If I forgot an important one, please leave a comment below. It is on the third floor of the building just in front of Slim and Fun To Mass. When dating girls in Indonesia, you should be giving off a fun loving vibe.

  2. Our hopes were high but the evening turned out to be a disaster: If I forgot someone who deserves to be here, please just add the name in the comment section below. Good luck, -Sage P.

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