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His hair is about shoulder length and he wants to grow it out. Does your son like to look girly? How do you handle any negative reactions? On October 31st, at 5: We gave all of them the full makeover — hair, makeup, nails — and with one exception they all seemed enthusiastic and enjoying the process. One was especially interesting: He came in twice, once a few days before the wedding for a trial, and then on the mo rning of the wedding with the rest of the bridesmaids. For the trial his Mom brought her own rollers. I assumed he was a girl until one of the other stylists told me otherwise. He came back with the other bridesmaids and we did updos, makeup, and manicures on all of them. He seemed to be enjoying himself more that day and the other women bridesmaids were very sweet to him. A couple of them were the prettiest ones in the wedding party! On October 30th, at For school he wears it in a high pony tail or back in a headband or in 2 braids. I take him into my stylist every couple of months for a trim and roller set and the girls at the salon just adore him. I get compliments all the time on his hair and I dread the day he decides to cut it! On September 8th, at 6: My son is growing his hair now and it is quite long but you can still see that he? But, in school he has a friend who is really girly but doesn? According to my son he was teased in the beginning but he seemed not to care. The other day, I saw this boy in school when picking up my son and I could hardly believe my eyes! The most beautiful long and curly hair you can emagine! Not only that it was extremely long all the way passing his bum! A fantastic cascade of blond wavy hair embedded him and on top of that, he wore a girl? Yes, he was very sweet and he seemed all happy about it! The girls around him cued to comb his hair — I guess they envied him! But, as I said, very, very brave of him to withstand all the looks from others just to be himself On September 4th, at 1: Hi its Stephanie and my email is bakerstephanie74 yahoo. Jenn and Judi would love hearing from you On August 31st, at 8: Jenn heres info on some of my boys. I did spiral curls nails and makeup on 2 16yr old boys for a school dance I pinned the curls up on one and back off the other, not sure what they were wearing. The little boy I did the roller set on sat still better than any girl his age. His mother wanted his curls pinned off his face so he could play, also polished his nails a pale pink. We have a 5 yr old boy who always has his hair curled and wears barbie ear rings he has both ears pierced his name is Lonnie. Most times he has a barrette on top or in the back. Many of the smal boys go right to our manicure stations at the request of their mother to get their nails polished.. Just last week I did a roler set on a man in town for a metting he had the most beautiful long hair and it curled so good. Hope to hear more about so of the feminine boys, the boys seem so polite and well manered and dressed in feminine outfits. I think its great that mothers are willing to let the boys personality come out. Keep up the good work. Average pretty girl

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  1. It's time to cum in to see the hornyest porn video and Big Boobs Photos amateur on the net! His mother wanted his curls pinned off his face so he could play, also polished his nails a pale pink. His hair is about shoulder length and he wants to grow it out.

  2. Dawn Allison Canyon loves her huge dildos, and has some super big realistic cocks! But, in school he has a friend who is really girly but doesn?

  3. The little boy I did the roller set on sat still better than any girl his age. The most beautiful long and curly hair you can emagine!

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