How to beat unemployment and improve educational system?

We live in a world where losing and finding a new job became a routine. Before, the tradition was to get a job in some company and stay there all the way until you get retired. Nowadays, you will be probably changing about at least three companies. Not just that you will be changing entire business area. No wonder more and more people do not want to continue its education. People realized that everything that they are going to need in the future they can get with a job experience.

How universities fight against this fact?

More and more faculties have realized how practice is important and they have started to use it in their educational system. Most of them are seeking for a company that will recruit their students after graduation. This way companies will be receiving fresh minds and employees willing to learn new things, and on the other hand, they will already have some experience. It is well known as a dual system of education. Germany was the first country that has realized how this part of education is important. It is not about knowledge; it is about skills.

Employment service

Employment service

To beat unemployment, people start creating employment services. It applies the same principle only with people who decided to work less demanding jobs, jobs that do not require higher education. Here we will highlight the importance of practical skills and informal education. No matter what is your educational background, these agencies and services will give you change to make you desirable on the market. They will offer you a chance to “correct the error from the past” and to acquire skills that you are going to need in the future.

For example, you are a teacher of English language, and you are not able to find a job. When you are looking for a job in the job advertisements, you only see that they are looking for IT experts. These agencies will offer you training and courses so you can upgrade your knowledge and change your vocation.