Do guys like crazy girls. Ask a Guy: What Do Guys Like In a Girl?.

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Men LOVE Confident Women ( Do)

Do guys like crazy girls

These corny and dirty pick up lines are ONLY for girls — to use on guys. For her, the magnificent independent raunchy girl, who knows what she wants. You know what would make your face look better? Let me unwrap that for you Is my vagina crying or are you just sexy? Give me your name so I know what to scream tonight Hey, you work out? Then again, I would be too! Are you a taxidermist? OK, wanna try stuffing my pussy anyway? Do you have a napkin? My body has bones. Want to give me another one? You look like a hard worker. I know why they are calling it a beaver, because I am dying for some wood Nice shirt. Is it made of boyfriend material? Now go to MY room! I suffer from amnesia. Have we had sex before? Do these feel real to you? Because that is a solid career choice with a decent wage and I crave stability. How would you like to five finger dis-cunt? Excuse me, would you be a gentleman and push in my stool? Because I can see your nuts I lost my teddy bear. Can I sleep with you tonight? Your boner is giving my nipples an erection How do you like your eggs? Me love you long time Wanna go halfsies on a baby? Are you a rainstorm? Did you just ring my doorbell? Well, you can come inside if you want You like to eat Mexican?. My taco would like to meat you There are no seats, can I sit on your face? Is it wet in here, or is it just my vagina? Come in me, if you want to live My body is a movie and your penis is the star! Wanna go back to my place and watch porn on my flat screen mirror? Are you the delivery man? Because I believe you have a package for me Are you Richard? Do guys like crazy girls

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  1. My current motto is that if a man shows you interest, reward him with a smile and maybe a little more! Is she a screamer? Guys love that kind of thing, and it's great for your confidence too.

  2. Right in front of me, there was a guy sucking off a hunky hottie that I would love to see in my bed any day of the week. Eventually I started doing this for real and basically now what you see are not my fantasies but real images and videos from my life.

  3. If you ignore the superficial side of things, you will be at a tremendous disadvantage. My current motto is that if a man shows you interest, reward him with a smile and maybe a little more! For example, when I have a new girlfriend, one of the first things I want to do is watch all of my favorite movies with her.

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