Dumb things girls do. Why DO smart girls dumb down for men?.

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Stupid Girls Doing Stupid Thing - Stupid Girl Fail Compilation 2017

Dumb things girls do

Sailor Moon manages to get blond-pure and blond-ditz in the same character. Sailor Venus is this more in the anime than manga. In the manga, while she is terrible at school work, she is very knowledgeable about other topics and is usually the one that solves the problems the other girls create. Though in the early days of Codename: Sailor V , she played this a little straighter. Gourry Gabriev of Slayers. Played with a bit, though: He's more airheaded in regards to common sense and is Oblivious to Love. Also, due to his aformentioned background, he probably never had the chance to dive into magical knowledge and intensive literature, whereas Lina from a family of sorcerers , Amelia from a royal family that specializes in White Magic , and Zelgadis raised by and was the follower of an extremely powerful priest did. An interview with the creator Hajime Kanzaka revealed that his magic capacity rivals Lina's, but because he has such a poor memory he cannot learn spells. Erica Hartmann has elements of this on the ground, although it's not so much dumbness as laziness and lack of proper military protocol. In the air, she is anything but incompetent. Vash the Stampede pretends to be this as Obfuscating Stupidity. Downplayed with Sanji—he's not stupid, but he is one of the ditziest Straw Hats, a bit of a sucker, and the one most likely to make bad decisions based on immediate emotions. Comedy This trope is endemic in German-speaking comedy. Chanel West Coast from "Ridiculousness". Suddenly, a well-dressed platinum blonde business woman stands up and says "How can you judge people based on their hair color? It has no bearing on intelligence! I'm talking to that jerk sitting in your lap! The bank manager asks what she will submit as collateral, to which she points outside to a new-looking Rolls Royce. The bank manager, thinking he's taken a sucker, gives her the loan, then drives the car into the secure lot underneath the bank, laughing all the way. Dumb Bunny of the Inferior Five is typical, but with superhuman strength. Chase from Runaways is a rare male example. Karolina from the same series gets treated like she's one, but she never really does anything to earn the reputation other than be blond and not a genius. The eponymous Cherry of Cherry Comics. In the German comic Werner: The aptly titled French comic Les Blondes is entirely devoted to Dumb Blonde jokes, with the main character Vanessa embodying this trope. This originally included Betty Coopers from the main Archie Comics , but with the rise of modern feminism, the writers took advantage of that to make her more distinctive from Veronica as a self-confident voice of common sense Wrench Wench among a myriad of other talents. Wendy Thornball, the aspiring actress roommate of Angel Love. Matrix 1 , Matrix Supergirl is very ditzy. At one point in a fit of anger she hurls away the device Luthor gave her to monitor the domes. I just threw away my only chance of ever getting off this world! Freya can play the man-obsessed ditz to the hilt, and enjoys making the guys act like idiots, but is consistently shown to be a level-headed and shrewd planner, as well as very socially adept. Double Subverted in a comic where a very drunk guy in a bar offers to tell a dumb blonde joke to three blonde women who then threaten him by describing how the three of them are experts in various martial arts disciplines. He just shrugs it off with "Never mind. I'm not going to tell the same joke three times". Fairy Tales " Goldilocks " combines both the innocence and the folly associated with blond hair. The Pretty Princess from Perrault's Riquet of the Tuft is often represented in illustrations as a blonde. She's sweet and kind but very dumb, and quite aware of it. However, she matures a little through the course of the fanfic, becoming less ditzy but still retaining her genki girl status. Bebe from South Park is often flanderized into this for various different reasons. Kaede Mizuno in A Growing Affection deliberately invokes this trope pretending to be vain, vapid, and more concerned with her looks than she really is. Not that she is not proud of her appearance, but this is mostly a ploy to get people to underestimate her. Max might be late sometimes, but he does everything he can to pass highschool. Jokes Three blondes are sitting in a caffee, discussing Michelangelo's place in Renaissance art. Suddenly one of them whispers: Switching to celebrity gossip on my mark! I think it was Gomez? She's very sweet and kind, but on the other hand she's not too bright and easy to fool; when hiring Tiana, she hands her a wad of cash. When she mentions to Marie Dressler's character that "I was reading a book the other day," Dressler literally stops in her tracks in astonishment. Her book is The Salvaging of Civilization by H. Wells, published about ten years earlier. The reference to machines taking the place of every profession is a dead giveaway. Jean Harlow initially played vampy Shameless Fanservice Girl characters, before the Hays Code forced her to switch her image for this instead. When the main character is clothes shopping with her friends in the beginning of Legally Blonde the sales woman says to her co-worker, "There's nothing I love more In fact, the entire film is about Elle subverting this stereotype — while she's certainly very preppy, very feminine, and very blonde, she proves to be an extremely competent lawyer against everyone else's expectations. Ana Farris plays these in most of her roles. Notably in the Scary Movie series, her first two roles were brunette but became blonde from the third film onward. Marilyn Monroe was iconic as a dumb blonde, and it led to many assuming she was one in real life she was pretty smart and made sure she studied drama before breaking into the movies. She plays with this image in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes , where her character Lorelei is a Genius Ditz who says she can be smart when she wants to be but "men don't like it". Jayne Mansfield was also extremely smart she was a talented amateur violinist with an estimated IQ in the s and got stuck with this in her roles. Judy Holliday frequently played this type. Blonde and Blonder, a female version of Dumb And Dumber starring Denise Richards and Pamela Anderson , the latter of whom is yet another actress who specializes in dumb blondes. Romy and Michele's High School Reunion: Karen Smith , by far the dimmest character in Mean Girls , is a blonde. In fairness, so is Regina George , who is fairly sharp - at least in terms of manipulation. Susan Alexander in Citizen Kane. Apparently, even the Greatest Movie of All Time isn't above this. Buttercup in The Princess Bride ; she also has golden hair. But she's not nearly as dumb in the movie as she is in the book. Inverted in the movie version of My Favorite Martian: The vain, shallow Brainless Beauty is played by the brunet Liz Hurley while the smart, likeable, funny Girl Next Door love interest is played by the blond Daryl Hannah. Subverted in Superman III. Pamela Stephenson's character displays all the traits of a dumb blonde when other people are around. When she's alone, though, she likes to kick back and read philosophy. Interestingly, the actress herself tired of playing blond comedy bimbos and is now a psychologist. Rarer yet, she is also the main character. The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Rocky Horror is a male example of this. He's also a nearly literal example of Brainless Beauty he's only got half a brain, folks. Mia from Stan Helsing. Both Pamela Anderson and Jenny Mc Carthy have had fun playing with their public image as ditzy blondes, and have played exaggerated versions of this trope in several films, including together in Scary Movie 3. Tawny Madison in Galaxy Quest the actress supposedly said that just putting the blonde wig on made her feel dumber. To show that this doesn't just refer to women, look at just about every role Owen Wilson has had. Ever since then, she felt lost, especially when it came to relationships. Scream 4 defies this trope. Marnie is told by the killer that she's the "dumb blonde with the big tits" who is destined to be the first victim. Marnie responds that she has a 4. Lina Lamont from Singin' in the Rain. Since the Queen is blonde while her enemy, Snow White, is black haired, she insists on everyone telling jokes about dumb black-haired women. Justified in The Cabin in the Woods - Jules dyes her hair blonde before the camping trip, and chemicals are used to make her into a dumb blonde. It's mentioned that she's a med student otherwise. Played with in the spoof Loaded Weapon 1. Destiny Demeanor, Kathy Ireland 's character, is a gorgeous blonde, comically Literal-Minded and, when the hero blows in one of her ears, the breeze snuffs out a lit candle beside her opposite ear but at the same time she's actually one of the saner, more Genre Savvy people in the film. Christina from Project Almanac is a downplayed example. She's not unintelligent but she lacks the science smarts of David or Adam or to a much lesser extent Quinn and she comes across as less perceptive and witty that Jessie. The infamous Howard the Duck has Beverly, a human being who on being asked what world they're on by an anthropomorphic duck responds with: The planet's called Earth While neither of our heroes are especially bright, blond Bill a male example is the more pragmatic of the two, while brunet Ted is slightly dopier. Dumb things girls do

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  1. Since the Queen is blonde while her enemy, Snow White, is black haired, she insists on everyone telling jokes about dumb black-haired women. I think that's so cute'. The Rocky Horror Picture Show:

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  3. She plays with this image in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes , where her character Lorelei is a Genius Ditz who says she can be smart when she wants to be but "men don't like it".

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