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Tips for Traveling to Ethiopia Addis Ababa, Ethiopia I left Ethiopia with plenty of stories to tell; stories about bag slashers and pickpockets , about rabid dogs, and about life in Ethiopia in general. There are also stories about crazy landscapes and unbelievable marvels. Highlights of Ethiopia include: Hiking in Simian Mountain To do: Feeding wild hyenas To do: I learned a few lessons from my time in Ethiopia as a solo female traveler. And yes, there will be a next time. Where to stay in Addis Ababa Piazza Pros: Naturally, this is where all the backpackers tend to hangout. Taitu or Baro hotels are both located in Piazza. A pedestrian-friendly, leafy square lined with cafes with umbrellas? I honestly did not like this area at all. But I love the location. It also comes with a decent wifi connection IN the room and the people who work there are super friendly. I ended up using Thorntree a lot to organize my trip to the Danakil depression and south to Omo Valley. Find hotels in Addis Ababa. Each time I was in the area, I witnessed pickpocket attempts done on other people and on myself. Read this post to learn why. Be wary of kids selling tissues or candies on a tray they carry around their neck. Merkato is another place to be super careful. Internet in Ethiopia Reliable internet connection is still rare in Ethiopia. Taitu Hotel did have wifi but only on their patio and it was so choppy it was frustrating. Wifi, however, is available on the the common area of many international hotels e. This is probably the most important tip I can give to people coming to visit Ethiopia for longer than a week. I used it to confirm flights, to reserve flight tickets, to call taxis, to book hotels, etc. Refilling your minutes was super easy. You can buy refill cards anywhere. If you set the APN correctly etc. You can only get SIM card from select stores. Try any store that also sells refill cards. Some proof of ID is required. They state their time in how many hours after sunrise 6 am it is. Blue public minibuses is a cheap way to get around Addis Ababa. Some areas of particular interest to travelers are Bole, Meskal Square, Piazza. The cost depends on the distance, but should be around a couple of Birrs if not less. I usually just hand a 5 Birr note and expect change. I was never ripped off. They do get mighty crowded though. Bring a warm jacket. When you think of Ethiopia, do you think deserts? Addis Ababa is one of the highest altitude wise at over m capital cities in the world and it can actually get pretty chilly at night. Confirm flights 24 hours before. Apparently Ethiopian Airways flight times change quite often I almost missed my flight because it left 1. Food in Ethiopia — You will eat a lot — a lot — of injera. Learn to enjoy it. Second best after the jugos in Colombia. Try their mixed juice, a combination of avocado, guava, strawberry, and mango or whatever you want. The food was one my favorite things about Ethiopia. But I ended up staying in Addis longer against my will so I was forced to deal with it. I even took pride in the fact that I knew how to navigate the city by minibuses. Ethiopia girl

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  1. Merkato is another place to be super careful. The introduction of BPR had only produced another layer in the bureaucratic hierarchy, contrary to BPR recommendations to reduce hierarchy.

  2. This resulted in more economic hardship and the collapse of the military in the face of determined onslaughts by guerrilla forces in the north. The national qualifications framework has five CoC levels which industries accept as effective for performance at work. Jobless men, unmarried men looking for partners or sex, and married men looking for sex, sexually harassed girls on their way to and from school.

  3. Labour-intensive assets such as farms can hire labour if they generate sufficient profit but poorer households may need their children to help with these assets. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the education system's failure to meet the needs of people involved in statecraft, diplomacy, commerce, and industry led to the introduction of government-sponsored secular education. While reforms have been made in the aims of education, the actual structure of the Ethiopian school system has remained unchanged from that established in the s.

  4. Male students might snatch girls' school materials, intimidate them and threaten to harm them as a way of forcing them into sexual relationships. Students leaving at the end of grade 10 can go to technical and vocational education and training TVET institutions or colleges of teacher training CTT.

  5. The Ethiopian education system, especially in primary and secondary education, was ranked the bottom among African nations. Courses were reduced to theory without practice thus encouraging rote learning to pass exams.

  6. But the Ministry of Finance treated the funds collected as part of the general revenue and never spent the money for its intended purpose. AAU expanded administrative posts to create a reform office and five vice-presidents.

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