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Ghetto girl nicknames

Report inappropriate content Comments and insights on the name Shenandoah: Edit I love this name! Considering that it is the original way of spelling my name before i got it shortened!!! Personal experiences with the name Shenandoah: Edit I was given this name when I was born in I have always gone by Shenan, unless I was in trouble or for formal things. Kids can say it, adults have been disrespectful and insist that they will just call me "Shannon", even though that is not how it is pronounced. Classmates would tease me and there was always a pause at graduations while they tried to figure out what to say. I was given this name in , but my parents spelled it like" Shenanedoah" they added the E, and i struggled with spelling it and finally learned how to spell when i was in 1st grade I am surprised that no one has asked you if you were named after a Country Western Band named "Shenandoah ". I am Native American and knew that it was a Native American word.. I have looked it up and have read the different meanings, I think i will go with " Beautiful Daughter of the Stars" I believe that meaning suits me as a person. I also was named this, though in '94 in my case. Funny as it is I also go by Shenan, except my Grandma and Taekwondo teacher call me by my full name, and they call me Doah at summer camp. I have never really cared how people pronounce it, because it's too much of a hassle to always correct people when they say "Shannon" and often people can't hear the difference anyway. The only thing I hate being called is "Shee-nan" because the guys in my 6th grade class always called me that to bug me And eventually they started calling me "She-man" which obviously wasn't any better. It's always funny to see how people try to spell my name. I've seen Shannondoa, Shennandoah, Shenandoa, and oddly: Not sure how they got the last one. It's also really funny to get called other things, like when I was 5 everyone in the church called me Savannah half of the time. The unfortunate side-effect of having this name is that whenever I meet older people in church choirs which happens a lot because my dad usually leads the choir at the churches we go to they begin to sing the song. And I always cringe and groan whenever I hear it. Most people assume that when I say Shenandoah that I am giving them my first and last name. Usually people do one of 2 things when they meet me, the first is asking "is that your real name? I cringe and groan when people start singing to me cause then everyone in the immediate area turns and looks at me. It funny when people first say my name and try to spell it, I was at Starbucks the other day and I told the girl my name was Doah and on the cup she wrote Dowell. Personally I hate being called and other form of nick name for Shenandoah besides Doah. When I tell people my name they seem to only hear the Shannon even if I pronounce it Shenan. It used to be a fun game to guess what the teachers and substitutes would say when they got to my name on the roll sheet in school. Where I come from most people have never heard of my name and once my friend got asked if I was African American, Hispanic, and then if I was ghetto Yeah I know! I can't believe there are other people out there that almost share my name. Mine is spelled Shannondoeh and I was born in I used to hate my name, but as I grew older I love it so much I got it tattooed! I'm so happy and kinda sad to know I'm not the only one. I have always had the hardest time, and mine is easier to figure out than the original way! People get pretty creative when they try to pronounce it, but luckily I go by Shannon, only a select few have taken it upon themselves to call me by my full name. I also have a name that is very close to shenandoah! I thought i was the only one in the world that had such and odd and unique name like this but i guess I'm not the only one after all!! My name is spelled Shandoa and is not at all pronounced like you would think! My Name is Shenanedoah Nanabah Goldtooth My name has an E in there and I recently became interested in my name. I like to think that my name means "Daughter of the Stars" because it fits my. I haven't ran into another individual with the same name and that is what i love about it Famous real-life people named Shenandoah: Ghetto girl nicknames

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  1. A woman with a gentle and relaxed personality. A sweet nickname for a lady that excels in virtually everything. Is she the type of girl that takes too much time?

  2. Bon bons — This is a sexy nickname to call a girl with a nice rack. Is she the right kind of weird?

  3. Clothing with beer logos is an acceptable alternative to above - Waikato is favourite. I can't believe there are other people out there that almost share my name.

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