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Girl from el dorado

Though it had its beginning in , it has a rich history as an oil "boom-town" of the s. Also a stop on the Rock Island line, after oil was discovered at El Dorado in the Rock Island transported ninety percent of the barrels of oil produced that first year. Avenue in as a single three story structure. By new facilities to the west and rear of the current building were built and the original building became home to El Dorado Junior College, a public junior college established as a preparatory school by the El Dorado School District for students hoping to enter universities. The high school and junior college often shared equipment, instructors, laboratories, the gymnasium, and other facilities, but the two institutions remained separate in many respects. By August , World War II all but depleted enrollment in the college and all the equipment used by the college had been returned to the high school. Until the seat Municipal Auditorium was built in the High School's was one of the few auditoriums and stages in the city that could be used for theatrical events. The yearbook cites it as: Dedicated to the advancement of our nation through the development of health and the glory of manly sports, this stadium stands in memory of the heroic dead of Union County in World War II, and in honor of those in the armed forces who were privileged to return to their homes and to the joy of living. And the good-looking youngster, who combines country music with bop in fastest selling style available, will be sure to have the young 'uns from 9 to 90 — with him all the way. Presley, along with his musical sidekicks, Scotty Moore and Bill Black. Scotty Moore plays the hot guitar and Bill Black thumps the bass, and sometimes enjoys telling a few yarns on the other boys on the shows. His style really pleases the teen-agers. Tommy Cutrer Photo courtesy Hillbilly Music. Betty and Onie they had shared several dates with before. Cutrer was one of the first deejays called upon by Phillips to promote Elvis' records. By early June though, while en route to Texarkana, it caught on fire and burned. The Cadillac however, appears prominent in the recollections but that June date would make that unlikely. The one confirmed date though was in October. By then Billboard had reported that T. Same unit is set for St. The free entertainment featuring Elvis Presley will be presented for the conclusion of another annual oil progress week in El Dorado and vicinity. Also a full program of local talent will be at the concluding ceremonies in the form of an Amateur Contest. Elvis Presley, known as the "King of the Western Bop", has made many appearances in the entire south for appreciative and usually very large crowds. He was born in Tupelo, Miss. A natural sense of rhythm along with a unique voice quality benefited from his childhood surroundings in which country and Negro blues were everyday music to him. Elvis is 20, unmarried and likes his pink and black Fleetwood better than thoughts of becoming married. One of the "coolest types" of dressers, Elvis admits that he does like the women though. The following is a partial list of some of the talent to be presented on the amateur contest: Arkansas Daily News - October 16, courtesy Barton Library As the ad stated, the show included a talent contest with at least fourteen local acts. Entrance was free to anyone with a "lucky folder" that could be obtained at any of the local filling stations which also made one "eligible for the many attendance prizes. That September he was a high school deejay and, with Mike Michaels' help, worked for KDMS spinning records afternoons after school and on weekends in addition to broadcasting the high school games at the stadium along with other events there. They had him in the press box as the booth announcer when Elvis performed. He said the stage was set up across the track on the field at about the 50 yard line, facing the audience in the west bleachers. Ad in Arkansas Daily News - Oct. They were a band formed in the late '40s and early '50s by the Bird and Davis cousins in a small farming community in South Arkansas called "Chitlin Switch" and had performed across Southern Arkansas and Northern Louisiana. The band consisted of the three Bird brothers: Gary, Dwight, Mickey, Bobby, and Levon - ca. Some rumors persisted that he arrived late, was drunk and had to be sobered up before he could perform. According to Joe Dempsey, the oval track surrounding the field had an entrance from the street and when Elvis arrived he drove in from the street up the track to the stage in his Cadillac. Joe announced his entrance and when he took the stage the screams were pandemonium like. Joe said, he had that kind of appeal and effect in parts of the south well before the rest of the country caught wind. He bantered with the crowd a bit and then told a joke, "When he was in school they told him to use Rotterdam in a sentence. He said if aunt Susie don't change her socks she's going to Rotterdam feet off. Burk wrote, before the show, Elvis asked me if I would tune his guitar. He sat there in his car signing autographs while I tuned it. Before he went on, Scotty and Bill were doing most of the talking. Bill was doing most of the talking. But when Elvis took the stage, it was his show! He stole the show. It was the greatest performance I had ever seen. He went up there on that stage wearing violet pants, a black shirt, orange jacket and white bucks. That is All Right, Mama was the only song of his we knew at the time. He sang maybe a half-dozen songs during his part of the program. The stadium seated just under five thousand. It was almost full. Girls were falling out of the bleachers, fainting. Some boys got mad because of the effect Elvis was having on the girls. They let the air out of the tires of his Cadillac. They had to bring in a tow truck with an air tank to re-inflate those tires. He just sat there patiently in his car signing autographs. He was very polite. You could tell even then he was on his way. It was a Fleetwood Sixty Special, pink originally blue with a black roof, and was the car at the stadium in October in everyone's recollections. Don Reese of Phoenix, evidently confused performers from different shows in addition to other details like Elvis' hair color when he wrote, I was in the 8th grade and went to that concert at the football stadium in El Dorado. A buddy of mine, Bill Girard and I went down on the track and met Elvis before the concert. As I recall, he was billed third or fourth behind some Louisiana Hayride acts T. The Caddy was pink and parked down on the cinder track in front of the stage. We sold lots of pictures for 25 cents each. We pocketed some of the money for ourselves. I remember Elvis as being really cool, young and thin, a nice guy. He horsed around with us, shadow boxed, stuff like that. We went out the next week and got our hair died jet black. Went to the Jr. High School the next day and the principal made us shave our heads and wear a beanie. I remember one other visit by Elvis to the football stadium and one to the high school auditorium. On the second visit to the stadium Elvis showed up drunk and the concert was delayed for about an hour for him to drink coffee and sober up. I heard a rumor later that Elvis had met this high school girl from El Dorado and bought her a Ford Crown Victoria. The pilot got lost just before dawn and they landed at an airstrip outside of El Dorado to refuel. It would most likely have been Goodwin Field, as opposed to the one downtown. Guralnick wrote, It was chilly, and the musicians huddled together in the little coffee shop, yawning and making desultory conversation. It was just light when they took off again. Scotty was sitting beside the pilot, who asked him to hold the wheel for a minute while he studied the map. He became a photographer, art director and ultimately a digital artist and graphic and web designer. In , while a sophomore in college, he returned to the High School auditorium to photograph famed pianist Van Cliburn in a concert in the building. The following year the city of El Dorado finally got a Municipal Auditorium which replaced the High School's for such uses. It was constructed on the property just north of Memorial Stadium. The younger of the Bird brothers, Gary, went in the Army Reserves. Dwight Bird became a Missionary Baptist Minister but continued to play his banjo. Mickey Davis went on to study classical music, received a Masters degree in music later joining Malaco Records in Jackson, Mississippi, as a session fiddler and there founded the Jackson Strings. They were awarded by Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee for their impact on music and in received an invitation to the 53rd U. In he ran for the Tennessee state Senate and won but lost his bid for re-election in He died in at home from a heart attack at the age of In , the El Dorado Branch of Southern State College moved to the site using the building for both administrative offices and classrooms and is now South Arkansas Community College. The original building at S West. Avenue was added the National Register of Historic Places in All of the additions, including the Auditorium are now gone but the WPA Gymnasium in addition to several new buildings are still in use by the college. The stadium hosts sports events year round, most notably the "Boomtown Classic", an annual college football match between Southern Arkansas University and the University of Arkansas- Monticello. It received a major field and stadium renovation in which included synthetic turf and a video scoreboard. Girl from el dorado

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  2. The week before my induction, Elvis reported on January 4th to the local Memphis Veterans Hospital for his pre-induction physical before being drafted in March The Mahony Law Firm has been on the top floor of the Armstrong building since the turn of the last century.

  3. Shivers, the Jailer, took the inmates order for breakfast by shouting up to the barred windows from Cedar Street. Guralnick wrote, It was chilly, and the musicians huddled together in the little coffee shop, yawning and making desultory conversation. Building at Fort Chaffee, where Elvis got his haircut during his induction into the U.

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