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Close up slow motion shot of woman twirling her hair

Girl twirling hair

One of my readers sent me this request: Please put this on the website! Since then, my video has gotten over , views [Edit: As of , now over 2 million views]! I came up with this hair trick back in middle school. I decided to also write up a tutorial with pictures on how to do this, along with including my original video here! STEP 1 Gather your hair into a ponytail near the center of your head. Hold the ponytail with your left hand. STEP 2 Put your right hand under the ponytail, and reach over to the left to grab the ponytail as shown. This will help give you the direction to twist the ponytail. STEP 3 Twist the ponytail over and over until the entire ponytail is twisted. STEP 4 Now create a bun with the twisted ponytail by wrapping the ponytail clockwise. When you reach the end of the ponytail, just tuck the end underneath the bun. STEP 5 Hold the bun with your left hand. With your right hand, take a section of hair next to the bun as shown and loosen it a bit. This will be the hair that you will pull over the bun. This step may take some getting used to — it takes a few tries to figure out how tight or how loose to make the initial bun before trying to grab this section of hair. Make opposite adjustments if the section of hair is too loose. STEP 6 Gently pull the section of hair over the bun while tucking the bun underneath the section of hair. STEP 7 Continue pulling the section of hair over the bun until the bun is completely covered. STEP 8 Now you can fix it up a bit on the top by smoothing out your hair or putting a pencil through the bun see video to secure it further. Leave a comment and let me know if you got it working for you! Girl twirling hair

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  4. Includes ice skates, skate guards, rhinestone bobby pins, and a gold medal. STEP 1 Gather your hair into a ponytail near the center of your head.

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