Girls with black hair and blue eyes. Why blue-eyed boys (and girls) are so brilliant.

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Girls with black hair and blue eyes

The color of all things alive, natural, and ever-present. It is no wonder that we gawk at green eyes, with all shades such as emerald, olive green, dark green, equally beautiful. Essentially, styles and colors that would highlight your best asset: If you have similar features and a thin face, you may want to make your hair look bigger and voluminous like this hairstyle, with a hint of light blonde highlights to match your skin tone. If you have a similar shade of olive eyes and fair skin, you may want to try a short, cropped hairstyle to focus all attention on your face and eyes. Moreover, a classic golden blonde hair color to that short crop may just do the trick. If you have similar tastes, why not snag a classic wavy bob like this one? Top this elegant hairstyle off with an equally beautiful shade of chocolate brown to really make your eyes pop. If you want your eyes to be the center of attention, have your hair remain a simple shade of dark chocolate with a simple curly hairstyle. If you want the same effect for your green orbs, you can try this hair color over other options first. In this ringlet hairstyle, you combine a classic strawberry blonde color with playful pink highlights. In this hairstyle, a sweetheart medium-length hairstyle with full bangs can exhibit innocent and simplicity, a great look if you want your green eyes to pop. Dark Coffee Brown Hairstyle for Fair Skin A pale ivory hue to the skin can always go well with a dark brown hairstyle, as such. Especially if you have green eyes to brag, your long dark hair will set the stage for your green orbs. If you want to go for more classic colors and styles to bring out the best in your green eyes, I suggest having this simple yet elegant hairstyle to start. Simple Brown Updo for Fair Skin and Green Eyes source If you have pale green eyes, make them look a bit brighter with a honey tone shade of blonde. Creamy Blonde Hair Color and Wavy Hairstyle A classic color of babydoll blonde will always look stunning, especially when paired with olive eyes, fair skin tone, and a long curly hairstyle. Therefore, if you have the same features, you can make yourself stand out a little bit more with a bold hair color like this one: Coppery Brown Hairstyle source Paler skin can be an asset. For instance, you can create a beautiful contrast to your skin and hair as in this beauty inspiration. Elena Satine exhibits her pale skin and olive green eyes that are a great contrast to a lovely shade of cherry oak brown hair. The paler the skin, the better it will look with warmer hair colors. In this wavy long hairstyle, dark brown hair touched with a tint of dark wood brown is astonishing against pale skin—another shade you can try. Messy Brown Hairstyle with Blonde Tint A simpler approach to contrasting pale skin is a rich, dark brown color hinted with a touch of golden blonde at the ends; just the slightest bit of character, but proven effective. Vintage Style Dark Brown Curls source Snag this old-fashioned but beautiful look to make your green eyes look brighter than it already is. Moreover, you can make your pale skin the highlight of your features with a very rich chocolate brown shade. With this look, you can make your eyes stand out. Slicked Back Curly Bob source If you have very pale skin, why not match it with very dark hair? A low-maintenance yet elegant-looking cut that can complement your green eyes is a short, wavy bob that you can part to one side, as in this hairstyle. Moreover, your green eyes will stand out magnificently from the light pastel hue. Off the GOT stage, she also rocks a dark brown hair color that not only makes her skin look whiter and more porcelain-esque, but also makes her blue-green eyes a sight for stars. For this, we could not find appropriate images to match the skin color. For time being, please only refer the hair color and we would edit the images as soon as we get perfect images. We are sorry for the issue though. Embracing this look can make you look natural and effortless like in this beauty inspiration: Not much contrast, but the blending can be beautiful and enhance your skin tone more. If you have a similar shade of skin, why not try a chocolate brown base with golden blonde highlights? Reddish Brown Hair Color for Tan Skin source If you have naturally dark hair and tan skin, you can try making your skin tone blend with your hair by adding bright caramel brown highlights to it. In this way, you can also make contrast with your green eyes and make them pop even more. If you have green eyes, this kind of hairstyle can make you look fiercer and make your eyes look a little bolder. Silver Metallic Hair Color source If you have slightly tan or dark skin, an unusual hair color like silver metallic gray can do the trick. Another advantage is that it can truly make your green eyes the center of attention, especially that it contrasts very well to your gray hair. A perfect combination if you want to go for sexy and classy both at the same time. Deep Brown Hair Color with Full Bangs Snag the hot Bond Girl look with a mid-length bob with full bangs, colored a simple shade of dark chocolate brown. This shade is a great complement to your tan skin, and also a good contrast for your green eyes. A classy, girly look for all occasions. Paired with green eyes, her look is that of an exotic goddess. If you have the same features, a long, wavy hairstyle with a brown to blonde balayage? With this hairstyle and hair color, you will have easy to maintain hair and look elegant with minimal effort. If you have a similar shade in your eyes, a simple brown hairstyle may either complement or blend with your eyes. Black Blonde Updo Hairstyle source Are you a busy person but still want to look chic? Edgy Honey Blonde Layers An edgy, choppy cut paired with a golden blonde dye can have your green eyes looking stunning without much additional styling in the morning. If you want an effortless yet edgy look, go for this hairstyle instead. Copper Brown Hair Color A combination of hazel and green in your eyes can be a great blessing. Furthermore, you can complement this beautiful shade with a mildly vibrant hue of copper brown paired with a simple ponytail hairstyle. Medium Brown to Light Blonde Ombre source Spice things up with a brown to blonde ombre, a super trendy look with a bit of an added edge if you have your mane cut short and curly. Green eyes will look more vibrant and bright with this look for sure. Choppy Brunette Hairstyle For angular faces, a short choppy bob can add more sharpness to your look. For olive green eyes, you may want to pair this hairstyle with a rich dark brown color. Try a shade of honey blonde color to emphasize the hue of your eyes. To add, a simple wavy hairstyle can add a lot more character. For light skin and hazel-green eyes, try a shade of medium brown added to your natural hair as baby highlights. Bronze Creamy Blonde Hair Color One of the famous blondes of movie history is one of our green-eyed beauty inspirations for this article. Natural Honey Blonde Hair Color for Green Eyes This shade of blonde is between strawberry blonde and golden blonde, so you get the best of both worlds. For green eyes tinted with a hint of golden brown, you can also have your hair color complement it. Reddish Brown Hue for Light Skin Tones source Go the extra mile and knock out your contenders with a vibrant copper red hair color, paired with long straight hairstyle that goes way back early s. If you have similarly dark green eyes, you can make them a little bit livelier with this hair color. Black and Gold Hairstyle for Short Hair source Green blue eyes can match well with a shade of light ashen blonde, just as seen in this example. Make the color more stunning with a straight shoulder-length bob. A simple, yet red carpet-material look. Girls with black hair and blue eyes

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  1. She usually wears a purple shirt with carmine buttons and long sleeves, a short jacket of a darker tone and a long carmine skirt. Despite being an idol, she still has one hand in the business side of her own celebrity, and is quick to chide the Producer if she thinks he is not doing his job correctly. We are sorry for the issue though.

  2. One of her motivations for becoming an idol, in fact, is to someday find her true love. She does have a much softer side that she shows from time to time, making her personality that of a perfect tsundere character.

  3. Medium Brown with Caramel A medium shade of warm brown is a classic choice for women with warm skin tones, while a few notes of caramel highlights help to brighten up the style.

  4. One of her motivations for becoming an idol, in fact, is to someday find her true love. Vintage Style Dark Brown Curls source Snag this old-fashioned but beautiful look to make your green eyes look brighter than it already is.

  5. If you have similarly dark green eyes, you can make them a little bit livelier with this hair color.

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