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How to be romantic to a girl you like

These friendships can have very strong emotional bonds, and, when two girls develop a close bond, it will almost appear to be a romance. Getting together to do something is a "date. They're also sometimes capable of moving and speaking in perfect unison. They may not actually be in a romantic relationship, but it is emphasized in such a way that if they were, you'd assume it'd look this way. In the Western world, this was far more common up until the late s, and applied to both men and women, even into adulthood. It was referred to as " romantic friendship. Generally, it still only occurs between young girls, where it is more socially acceptable and not indicative of sexual orientation. In Japan, this is known as "Class S" and is far more common than in the West. This is considered a temporary but wonderful part of adolescence, which they can later "graduate" from to "real" relationships with boys. To remain in a "Class S" relationship past middle school is seen as a sign of immaturity, although it is expected that these friendships will continue into adulthood without the romantic elements. The possibility of one or more of the girls involved in a "Class S" relationship being truly invested in the other romantically is usually ignored. If the romance starts to become too passionate, parents may try to intervene to separate the girls. This should never become physical that way; it would "corrupt" the Incorruptible Pure Pureness , which is then traded in for marriage. If the girls do cross the line into sex or even passionate kissing , they are no longer this trope, instead becoming Schoolgirl Lesbians , and are treated differently. Compare Heterosexual Life Partners , where it just doesn't seem as romantic but remains a tremendously important personal bond, above and beyond a genuine romantic relationship. Also compare Experimented in College. Mugi has an obvious crush on Nono for most of the series and their relationship culminates in a very heartwarming ending when they say their goodbyes. Most of the rest of the cast participate in much safer Romantic Two Girl Friendships with other Lillian students. In Ultra Maniac one of the two main girls finds out the other has a crush on her. She scoffs it away, saying that it proves the other girl is just a child. Usagi and Rei show a somewhat low key version of this in those quiet, sweet moments they're not acting like Vitriolic Best Buds , particularly the original and R seasons. True to cultural expectations, these moments are less common but not completely inexistent as Usagi's relationship with her boyfriend Mamoru matures This is lampshaded by Michiru who comments to Rei that, her relationship with Usagi, is just like Michiru's relationship with Haruka. Rei also has this relationship with Minako in the manga , to the extent that their last scene together in Stars has suspiciously similar vibes to Haruka and Michiru In Cheeky Angel , when Megumi insists that she likes Miki "that way", the other girls comment that she really is a kid. Of course it's a bit more complex than that. Much of Pretty Cure is based around this precise sort of relationship. Their attacks require holding hands. In this franchise, Doki Doki Pretty Cure takes this Up to Eleven with Mana who has those kind of relationships with at least six girls. It's not that Mana has more relationships, she has more Les Yay moments than any other Pretty Cure character. Hyatt and Ropponmatsu 1 seem to develop a platonic romance for the short time they are together in Excel Saga. Also, Ropponmatsu 2 has feelings for Excel, as seen in her made-up flashback. Although in this case, the Ropponmatsus were programmed to fall for the first person they saw upon activation , which due to a delivery error was Excel and Hyatt In Love Hina , Motoko has three female groupies , classmates of hers; at least one seems to have a genuine crush on the swordswoman. Also, Suu appears to have desires on Motoko; while the anime only hints at this, Suu announces in the manga that she wants to take Motoko as a lover. Suu is also responsible for giving Shinobu her First Kiss. Best Student Council has a large chunk of the student body in On Sgt Frog , all the girls at Natsumi's school seem to idolize her obsessively, and Koyuki actually has a crush on Natsumi though this is far less blatant than in the manga, where it dives headfirst into the realms of Schoolgirl Lesbians. Nana O and Nana K's relationship in Nana. Fate's relationship with Nanoha in the first two seasons; the third season toes the line. Alisa and Suzuka from the same series are also shown to be very fond of each other. And Teana and Subaru from season three. Can you say, " Generation Xerox "? At the beginning of Episode 7, Konata starts abruptly acting out this trope towards Tsukasa and Kagami. Kagami asks what's going on, and her response to this behavior and the explanation that Konata has become hooked on Marimite is "Are you a kid?! Ironically enough, the mangaka stated that either Kagami or Konata herself have a genuine crush on the other. As for whom it is though It's unclear if Minami and Yutaka have this or if it's actual romance. Possibly Misao and Ayano. Though, Ayano says she has a boyfriend and apparently he's Misao's brother. However that still goes hand in hand with many of the popular Alternate Character Interpretations. Both sets of girls refer to themselves as "Soulmates. Even worse when Anita comes back after the Library puts their plan into action, tearily explains her terrible situation to Hisami and all but begs her for help, and Hisami doesn't remember her at all. Oh, and the manga also has them holding hands intimately and sharing a romantic dance around the school festival bonfire. Hime-chan and Erika's relationship in Himechan No Ribon is very much like this even though they spend a huge amount of time apart, saying they love each other, etc. Kim "properly" grows out of it and starts going out with Ox Ford. In Soul Eater Not! Since the relationship between weapon and meister is very deep, this is to be expected. This trope appears to be the main element in Venus Versus Virus. There are numerous intimate and tender moments between Luc ia and Sumire , causing Sumire to turn bright red every so often. The romantic element is certainly there though, and gets a lot of focus, especially in the earlier volumes. Alicia and her apprentice Akari appear to be very enamored with each other. Alicia postpones Akari's promotion to Prima since she doesn't want to leave her alone before retiring Aika also has a totally obvious crush on Alicia for most of the series. Pacifica and Winia from Scrapped Princess like each other a lot when they first meet. Alas, their relationship gets cut short since Pacifica has to keep on running. Hiro and Sae are very close and are frequently subjected to Ship Tease. Hiro talks about giving Sae chocolate for Valentine's Day and how Sae watched over her all night when she was sick; the first season OP even has a Not What It Looks Like moment with Yuno walking in on them with the context not even being given until the second season. Sae spends an entire episode the 2nd special freaking out when Hiro gets a love letter in her shoe locker, complete with an excited Yuno and Miyako misunderstanding the letter as coming from Hiro. And then there's the second season's opening Yuno and Miyako also seem to be a bit closer than average sometimes, which usually gets excused by Miyako's bubbly and innocent demeanor. Miyako also appears to be very open-minded about relationships see Schoolgirl Lesbians and hops in the bathtub with Yuno the day they meet, since her own water supply doesn't work. One time Miyako even tells Yuno that she thinks she is very pretty. Yuno in turn voices her wish to Miyako that they might one day have the same relationship as Sae and Hiro. The most innocent interpretations of the relationship between Alpha and Kokone in Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou falls into this. As for the other interpretations The relationship between Ichika and Manatsu from Uta Kata borders on this trope. Kanade and Yukino from Candy Boy have a relationship that seems to follow the rules of this trope just fine, until you realize that they are fraternal twin sisters. Saya from Bamboo Blade is definitely a bit more than just friends with kendo-captain Kirino. It doesn't appear to be mutual, though the two get along extremely well regardless. Sakura Mikan in Alice Academy is absolutely infatuated with Hotaru in this manner. Hotaru goes back and forth between trying to get rid of her and actually returning her affections. In the middle of a battle scene in a later chapter of the manga Hotaru appears to confess to Mikan that her feelings are romantic and kisses her, while Mikan remains oblivious. Ran and Midori from Telepathy Shoujo Ran become like this as the series progresses — which is rather peculiar, since Ran actually has a boyfriend and Midori is openly smitten with Ran's brother. Perhaps the makers simply didn't want to drop the dynamic that works so well in similar series. Minori Kushieda from Toradora has genuinely deep feelings for her best friend Taiga Aisaka—so much, that at one point she openly questions her own sexuality. Several of the heartfelt speeches they give to and about each other sound especially romantic, if not for the use of the word "friend". Seen several times in Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl: The relationship between Hanna and Suomi from Diamond Daydreams clearly has some elements of this. They witness the "diamond dust" together, just like lovers would do—and their falling out has all the symptoms of an extended lover's quarrel. Runo and Alice are quite close, even closer then they are with their love interests Dan official and Shun prominently hinted , whose relationship are borders on Heterosexual Life Partners respectively Runo and Julie also gradually develop this kind of relationship, particularly in the second season. Hikari and Futaba from Amanchu! Hikari's behavior toward Futaba could be construed as flirting—and Futaba is very responsive. This is no surprise, since romantic two girl friendships are not unheard-of in works by Kozue Amano who also made ARIA. Their start is kinda skittish due to how different in personality they ae Licorice is by the book and girlish, Cleao is a fiery Tsun Dere , but after a bout of Teeth-Clenched Teamwork , they started getting along really well, Cleao became very protective of Licorice, and when Licorice was horribly hit by a huge wave of Break the Cutie including the discovery of her origins, a massive gambit that had her as the vortex, and how her family story was revealed with terrible results , the one who supported her the most was Cleao. Mio and Ritsu have their moments, especially when Ritsu shows definite signs of jealousy when Mio "dates" another girl. But the most romantically inclined appears to be Yui, who is clearly very enthralled by Mio, only to shift her focus to Azusa once she appears—and she at times even seems to be suspiciously close to her own sister Ui. It's all kept rather light though, in line with the fluffy character of the show. Sakura and Tomoyo in Cardcaptor Sakura are this trope all over, despite Tomoyo's feelings being far less chaste. How to be romantic to a girl you like

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  1. The two are really close. In the manga , she's clingy and jealous over Izumi as well, although sometimes he brings it on himself, doing something to make her jealous in order to test her love for him.

  2. Don't leave drinks unattended; have an exit plan if things go badly; and ask a friend to call you on your cell phone an hour into the date to ask how it's going. The sole survivor, Lee Jin Pyo, watches as his closest friend dies beside him. That is why I advise our boys to read stories and watch movies more and to learn more beautiful phrases to tell girls.

  3. They often spend time together, two scenes involve Reina intimately touching Kumiko's face, and they both make "love confessions" however, in the manga and books at least, nothing romantic comes of it. It was referred to as " romantic friendship.

  4. All 3 are pretty violent as well, and often beat him up when they suspect he's getting too close to the other ones, and a 4th girl who likes to tease him about it. Goshuushou Sama Ninomiya Kun:

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