How to finger agirl. An Alleged Cretaceous Finger.

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How To Finger a Girl

How to finger agirl

Your hands and fingers are much more reliable and versatile when it comes to giving women orgasms — especially squirting orgasms. In this article you will learn how to finger a girl the right way. How to Finger a Girl — Step 1: When it comes to fingering a girl, your fingers and especially your finger nails have to be ready. Free updates are no longer available. If you have really bad nails then go get a manicure. How to Finger a Girl — Step 2: Make Her Wet Now, here is one very important thing I want you to understand. Fingering is for women very, very intimate. Make sure your partner feels safe and intimate with you before you finger her. Besides creating trust and intimacy, you have to make her wet. There are two good reasons for this: Reason 1 This is a cardinal rule when it comes to any form of vaginal stimulation: Women are different than us guys when it comes to this. Wait until your partner is wet. Fingering and other types of vaginal stimulation are first and foremost for giving women orgasms. Reason 2 You need your partner to be wet, because you are going to use her wetness as lubrication. How to Finger a Girl — Step 3: How to Enter Hopefully you have taken your time making your girl wet. The best time for touching her vagina is when she is almost begging you to do it. Continue teasing her also after you start to stimulate her vagina. Begin with her inner thighs and pussy lips. Be patient and let her wait for it. Women just love to be teased. Slowly enter one finger inside of her, and make sure the finger is wet. Begin with one finger first, and then add one or two more. Remember to have your main focus on your partner, not her vagina or your fingers. Continue to kiss, talk and look at her. In fact, if you continue to kiss and talk to your partner in bed, she will most likely let you do anything you want with her body. How to Finger a Girl — Step 4: Stimulate the Right Areas A common mistake guys do when fingering women is that they use their finger s as it is a dildo or a penis. One of the reasons for fingering a woman in the first place is to stimulate certain sensitive areas inside of the vagina. She gets an orgasm because these sensitive areas are stimulated in a rhythmic motion. With your fingers you can stimulate these areas directly, which makes your fingers a much better tool for giving your partner an orgasm. There are especially two areas where finger stimulation is effective for producing orgasms. They are called the g-spot and the deep-spot. These two areas are as effective to give women orgasms as the clitoris. And often they are much more reliable than the clit. The g-spot is located about inches cm inside of the vagina, at the front wall. The texture of the g-spot is usually ridged. The deep-spot is also located at the front wall, but its location is a little deeper inside than the g-spot. The texture of the deep-spot is completely smooth. Just enter one or two fingers inside of the vagina — half way or all the way in — then press the pads of your fingers up against the vaginal wall. Press down if your partner is lying on her stomach or standing on all fours. Most girls breathe in instantly, with a loud gasp. Many tend to throw their head back too. Start out with less force. The g-spot and especially the deep-spot are located right next to the bladder. Most women will rather give you a signal to stop than tell you they feel like peeing — because that would be to embarrassing. Rapid pressing and releasing your fingers up against the g-spot or deep-spot simulate this in and out motion of a penis. This fingering technique is the most efficient way to give your partner an orgasm. Some women start to squirt in large amounts during this fingering technique. Most women just love to taste themselves. Good luck with fingering your girl! How to finger agirl

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  2. He finds Talia; overcome by her beauty, he tries unsuccessfully to wake her, and then "Crying aloud, he beheld her charms and felt his blood course hotly through his veins. How to Enter Hopefully you have taken your time making your girl wet.

  3. As they left the room together, I heard Kelly-Ann say, "Now you go and take a bath. Her daughter, Megan Hunter, an awkward, frumpy year-old, stays with the Burtons for a while after the loss of her mother.

  4. Oh, how he hates it! He asks Mr Symmington for his permission to pursue Megan. But I really enjoy watching a petticoated male cringing under the ridicule of laughter of women.

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  6. Similarly, Baugh seems to lead the reader to assume that it was an in-situ discovery in Cretaceous rocks, as he states in introduction on his website that the "finger" was "discovered in Cretaceous layers near the Paluxy River near Glen Rose, Texas. He is in love with the beautiful Elsie Holland, wanting her and his sons in his life. A tear welled in my eye and I noticed that Jodie was crying too.

  7. In view of the above considerations, as well as the consistent lack of human remains throughout Mesozoic formations, Baugh's claims about the "finger" are questionable at best. She said he has since refused to give it back, and wanted to know what recourse she had. The texture of the g-spot is usually ridged.

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  9. Some groups, including Answers in Genesis, have specifically urged caution, referring to the "finger" as dubious and insufficiently documented. She also loved her huge natural tits. How to Finger a Girl — Step 3:

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