How to make ur girlfriend squirt. How To Make A Woman Squirt – Female Ejaculation and Squirting Tips.

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How to make ur girlfriend squirt

The good news is: The only way to answer the question is to see what happens. That said, here are some general concepts to help you relax into whatever happens: Any woman has the physical ability to ejaculate multiple times in a lovemaking session. The likelihood that she will ejaculate increases dramatically if she has a healthy sexual appetite and is interested in doing so. Her hormones fluctuate so results may vary. The more she ejaculates, the more fluid she can squirt. As she gains confidence in her ability to let go and go with her flow, the more pleasure she gets from the experience. When I first heard about female ejaculation, I just had to have the experience. Eventually, I could feel a little wetness each time and my ejaculation evolved from there. My husband started seeing a little spring of fluid come out of me, and there was a noticeable wet spot on the bed. At that point we started putting down a towel every time we made love. Soon, the little spring would fill up and release multiple times. We continued to practice, gaining more and more knowledge about my body, and eventually my ejaculate started running out of me and down between my labia and soaking the towel. Each ejaculation got better and better. One day my ejaculate squirted out like a little sprinkler, pshh… pshh… pshh.. My abdominal muscles had gotten so strong the ejaculate was coming out of me with gusto. Nowadays I often squirt like a little hose, sometimes so much fluid comes out I get my feet wet! See if you can get moistness. Then a little spring. Then a little squirt. Work your way up. Give and receive lots of feedback. She should drink plenty of fluid before, during, and after. Tell her what you see. Give her hugs and kisses. And encourage her to let it rip. Give her as much stroking as it takes to ejaculate. Orgasmic capacity grows with practice, so the more squirting orgasms she has, the better they will feel. I know women in their eighties who still squirt, some even during solo sex. Often lack of libido is due to the drop in sex hormones that comes with menopause. This can readily be addressed with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, which recent studies have shown is safer than was once believed. Do you have any special tips to help her squirt? But before I do, I want to circle back and talk about context. Do what it takes to ensure your time together will not be interrupted. Get the lighting right with candles or an amber party bulb. Put on some sexy music. Men can say something like: My utmost concern is your pleasure. Use my Sexual Soulmate Pact bedroom communication technique to open up safe lines of feedback. Here are four tips that will accelerate your success: How to Make a Woman Squirt Tip 1: Kneel Use gravity to your advantage with this handy way to release her female ejaculate. She kneels on the bed while he strokes her G-spot with a steady rhythm. Depending on their body dynamics, he can stroke her from behind or from in front. Amrita is another common word for the ejaculatory fluid. These are all words that mean the same basic thing. The benefit of this position is simple: Guys are typically very visual, so seeing her fluid will reward his efforts. The first time a woman ejaculates, she will often feel the moisture before he can even see it. For partners who get really aroused seeing ejaculate expressed, kneeling or squatting can be highly erotic. Her release will come at the perfect time. Your job is simply to relax and surrender to the sublime sensations of having your lover put their full attention on your area. And that means you are missing out on a tremendous amount of pleasure — pleasure a woman is hungry for. Feed her desire, follow her pleasure, and you will be rewarded with a shower of her ejaculate. How to Make a Woman Squirt Tip 3: Straddle Him When the man is good and hard, he lies down on the bed. Then the woman climbs on top and with one knee on the bed and the foot of the other leg on the bed, she positions herself over him, straddling his groin. Then she can take hold of his penis and use the tip to run back and forth across her clitoris and urethral opening. How to Make a Woman Squirt Tip 4: Three Magic Words This is for you men: If you want to know how to make a woman squirt and help her explode in a wet, wild, hot mess all over your sheets, just whisper these 3 magic words: Considered the pinnacle of pleasure for a woman, is easier to achieve than you might think. The aggressive come-hither motion is the WORST place to start if a woman is going to have the incredible release of a liquid orgasm. Porn stars are professionals; they can have sex for hours during a single day of shooting. Better to coax it out of her, not bang it out of her. She needs lots of foreplay and G-spot stroking to get fully engorged. She needs plenty of clitoral orgasms and a steady stroke. Use copious amounts of lube and, once her waters start to flow, apply more lube because her ejaculate will dilute it or wash it off. Be sure to ask her to give you verbal feedback throughout. If you consistently play around with your ability to ejaculate, you will start to experience a little moisture. You can experiment with or without a partner and, as you gain experience, tap into a wellspring of wetness. Then those fountains will occur more easily the more they occur. In time, you will likely start ejaculating during intercourse, instead of from fingering or a mix of oral and manual stimulation. Be patient as your body learns how to let flow. Ejaculating makes a woman feel like a sensual goddess. Her body is designed for this natural pleasure. Make the effort, be patient, attend to her emotional and mental state and you will experience the delicious, fluid rewards. How to make ur girlfriend squirt

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  1. My husband started seeing a little spring of fluid come out of me, and there was a noticeable wet spot on the bed.

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