How to regain respect from your girlfriend. How To Regain Respect For Your Partner‏. ~ Jennifer Lemky.

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RESPECT! Seven Steps To Earn Respect

How to regain respect from your girlfriend

No one can summarize that in 10 steps… I can dedicate this whole Blog just on the topic of getting a girlfriend. To get good, you will have to learn how to attract girls, how to spark up conversations on the fly, how to create comfort and rapport between the two of you, etc. Society Screwed up your brain way too much. You spend your time watching pure fiction on T. V Shows and Movies. You think you have to be James Bond look-alike with a DB9 parked outside to get a decent girl. You think that girls will never ever want you because you are nice and not a bad boy. Do you have to be any of that to get a girlfriend? Because of the aura surrounding him, his confidence , and his fame. You can recreate all these without being an A-list celebrity, this is an advanced topic and I will write about it in the near future. You are far from the truth. They can seriously RUIN your life. But still, James bond is a bad boy and girls love bad boys, and you are a nice guy! You are afraid, lack balls and simply spineless. You are probably thinking of a criminal when you are daydreaming about being one of the bad boys. In movies, it works like that, but not in real life. Women love edgy men, ballsy men, and men living outside of the matrix. You think that all women want, think and react the same way to the same things. NO, they are as individually unique as men. There are some universally attractive traits, like confidence and humor , that attracts the general bulk of women, but there is no single human that all women fall for. Some women love Brad Pitt, some hate him. Same with Justin Bieber, George Clooney… etc. No single human will ever appeal to everyone. No matter how bad your current situation is — you can still change it, stop with the pathetic excuses — there exists a girl that found, finds or will find you attractive. That Is A Fact. I have been with models that used to think that nerdy, fat guys are attractive because of the idea of her being his trophy girlfriend and making everyone jealous of him. You have to put yourself out there and try — fail — repeat until you get this area of your life fixed. This is a great journey for a man to take. Approaching women on the street is not as terrifying as you might think. Girls are shyer than you think. And this will take us to another point… You have no idea what girls really want! Not a ripped, rich, tall, famous guy. To a girl, what matters most is how you make her feel rather than what you actually are. But, there are SOME high-status girls who actually got a set of rules about who they will ever let into their lives. Do I agree with this? It is just a reality we live in. Now these girls have such high demand due to being exposed to a wide variety of high valued men. Stop treating every girl like she is the only one on earth or the only one for you. Girls are just like Boys, they live and die, they are insecure and anxious about stuff, they lack skills and confidence in some stuff, they get into phases where they feel alone and un-sexy. Now, when this is mentioned usually it means the following: I mean it as get in touch with reality in your expectation, and that holds and exceeds the physicals. Here is another reality check for you: The concept of what you bring to the table is a very long and complicated subject so I will just leave it for another article! For now, think of a hot girl and a rich guy, beyond jealousy, ethics, and the validity of such relationship. It is clearly based on the girl bringing beauty and the guy bringing money and the freedom with it. That is the simplest way to get an idea of what you can actually bring to the table to build a healthy and long lasting relationship. Now, after asking yourself what will you bring to the table, you will be smashed with a desperate wave of nothingness with an echo of a shattered self-esteem. But attraction is not determined by one variable or the other, it is simply a mixture of everything, and that mixture should compliment the other party in the relationship. Now, ALL of these are up to you, you can improve every single aspect of yourself including your looks. But we rather say that it is out of our control than to be faced with the truths of our shameful laziness and lack of will. You are living a life ruled by fear and lack of ambitions, you just skip through your days hypnotized by what society has provided and all their useless mini pleasure. You got nothing going on for you in life, other than that WOW tournament. Your only friends are your mom and the internet. You have zero experience in the practical life and lack any sense of cleanness and personal hygiene. Out of all the bullshit you are living through that you can easily change and improve, you picked the only thing that is hard to change and start complaining about it!? You think that is a stupid choice?! What is wrong with you? Can you stand up for yourself? Can you stare down another man that is threatening you? Can you defend yourself even in the face of physical violence? They would rather go back to being oblivious to this side of life and keep on playing the victim role than to be faced with such brutal reality. To be honest, this is mostly not your fault, you were oblivious to too many facts of this life by the fiction they are feeding us through the media. The good news is, all what you think is wrong with you can be fixed and can be fixed easily. You can find an ongoing knowledge here at MySupremacy. Now this will take us to our last point for today, I know there still a lot more to write, but we will have to save it for another day. Try to get a mentor! If you know a guy that is kicking it in life, then learn from him. Yet, the internet is full of awesome people sharing their experiences, Find Them. You are simply afraid to go out and Meet Beautiful Women. We do exactly the opposite. I will post some pictures from my daily life and adventures. And I will post some stuff aimed to inspire and motivate you fuckers to go out there and make it! How to regain respect from your girlfriend

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  1. You can get your ex to start thinking positively about you and your relationship again without a lot of extra effort. We are going to go through each of the objectives of this stage and then we are going to list out some of the common pitfalls that most guys face during this stage.

  2. Leave a note on the mirror telling her how beautiful she looked, send a text message thanking him for mowing the lawn while you were grocery shopping, or tell him how much you admire him as a father. About the things she cares about. It provides a false sense of calmness.

  3. You spend your time watching pure fiction on T. To-Do List Before Your Ex Will Come Back — Honestly examine the breakup and find out why she ended the relationship — Take a look at your behavior and stop anything that is pushing her away from you — Work to positively improve yourself to get her attraction back — Find out how to create the initial energy your relationship used to have — Learn how to communicate with your ex and what things not to say — Get her to chance her perception about you and get her to miss you The quicker you can learn the things listed above and start checking them off the list, the quicker you can find yourself in a position to start trying to rekindle your relationship.

  4. After all, you disappeared for quite some time. But women with traits of BPD have an exponentially greater need than the average person.

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