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Boston, MA I've come here twice since my past review, and the service has been lovely. The food is the highlight and I didn't let one bad experience deter me. Okay so this place is TINY and always busy. It's basically a super narrow place with 3 booths and a long bar. I don't imagine being lucky enough to snag a table because most people eat by the bar. The wait can be as long as 2 hours but if you come at a weird time like 3 PM, there is no wait. Everything here is super fresh, delicious, and packed with flavor. I would recommend ordering the items below: Oysters - because duh! Shrimp from the raw menu - they are HUGE! Avocado Crab Toast 4. Lobster and Waffles Entree 5. Lobster Roll Honestly, you can't go wrong with anything here but these are my favorites that I've tried or seen from my two times here. Yes, I gave it another shot, and then came back again because it was that good. Well worth the wait! Fresh, exquisitely prepared, and top-notch service. Indulged on smoked salmon and lox most well-prepared and tasty lox I've had , ahi tuna crudo, and the carrot trio. Each dish was a delicacy on its own. My father could not stop raving about the carrots which look like shrimp. However, next time I stop by will not use up any of my appetite on something I have already tried! Atmosphere was quaint, cozy, and friendly. I was afraid this was another Newbury St. Hands down best seafood restaurant in Back Bay. Thank you SaltieGirl Yes, yes, and a little more yes. Soooo tiny, so you will wait! As long as you plan for that, it's totally worth it. Super fun cocktails I got the Earl Grey Boba which was cute and tasty , delightful and fresh seafood. Our waiter was a little pretentious and seemed exasperated that we needed 4 minutes to decide what we wanted, but I didn't even care because the food made his East Coast attitude all worth it. I recommend going with 4 people, since that could fit comfortably in their booths. You can also go just as a single or couple and sit at the bar. This place is really small, so expect to get here right at 5 if you can. I've never seen so many tinned seafoods! The boxes are super cute, and not to mention the flavor is pretty amazing. I love seafood so being from Texas doesn't give you many of those options to explore good seafood. This place is innovative makes a good cocktail and has friendly service! If you sit at the bar expect to become a really close with your neighbor. I didn't try as many things as I probably should've just because I came on a venture by myself and hate wasting food. The small plates are really large,I ended up getting the tinned sardines with peppers, a salad and added lobster and the strawberry cocktail with mezcal, tequila, and egg white! Everything was great, even the one oyster I got! So excited to share the joy I even bought a tin to take home for my boyfriend. Check this hot spot out, just anticipate a wait. While visiting Boston, we looked for best restaurants in the city. Our top pick was Saltie Girl, who came with high review and good menu offerings. They are kind of small, and they do not take reservation. There is a bar seating that goes from the entrance all the way to the back. The bar counter is pretty nice, big and spacious. We sat at the bar, and we didn't feel cramped there. They have booth seating across the wall from the bar, but not many. The booth is not that large either. Along the bar counter, they have the drink bar at the front half, and the back half is the raw bar. This is where the cold items are created. They have a main kitchen in the back, where all the hot dishes are prepared. As we sat in front of the raw bar, we got to see some of their cold appetizer dishes being prepared in front of us. One in particular caught our eyes, when one of the chefs started to torch a dish that looked like some sort of sushi. It looked so good, we added an order of that dish called Torched Salmon Belly. They are rather small, but for appetizer, it is ok. The salmon and tomato became extra tender from being torched, the whole thing just melt in your mouth The waffle dish didn't really look like much. Maybe because it was just all brown? But, that all changed after just getting one bite. It was super flavorful, especially the corn butter! The burger was HUGE and was topped off with a fried lobster. It was also delicious and oh-so-filling. We had a fabulous lunch here. Our server, Robert was very friendly and welcoming with a warm smile. All the other staffs were nice and efficient. The price point is a bit high, but certainly get very high quality dishes, and the portion is great too. I would love to go back to this restaurant again when we go back to Boston for sure! This is as good as it gets in Back Bay for seafood! If Saltie Girl is part of your itinerary at all for lunch or dinner, you need to go straight there first to place your name on the wait list and then plan backwards from the quoted time. I also learned that you can hang out at the Met Bar next door for a couple drinks and just bring it over since they have a connecting hallway. Now on to what you really want to hear. Despite the painful "no reservations" policy and the grueling wait times, make no mistake, this isn't one to miss. Awesomeness in every bite: It was silky smooth and tasted like it had a touch of cream mixed into it. Had I'd known it was so good, I'd order 2 and will next time! It came apart when I sliced it with my butter knife! It was a little bit on the bigger side to take as a single bite but I'm always up for the challenge. Cool but more on the traditional, tried and true side: Could've been slightly lighter handed on the sesame oil and soy. I usually like a much cleaner tasting tuna but perhaps, it's a personal preference. If you love goat cheese, do order it though. Yeah I know, how can I not like goat cheese? Hey, no one is perfect: Oh well, I say if this is the only problem you have at a restaurant, you've scored a home run! SOOO impressed with the seafood here! It was a full house when we walked in but luckily scored 2 seats at the bar. Still like the one at Nobu better, but for this price, it's a steal and a solid runner up. This was so flavorful and truly melted in my mouth. I highly recommend this, even if you don't like sushi. The sides it came with enhances the flavors and made it that much better. I highly recommend ordering something from their tinned seafood menu and ask the server for recommendations. That's what we did: If you love seafood, this place is a definite must. Unlike typical, traditional seafood served in it's natural form, this place really incorporates different techniques of cooking and all different kinds of ingredients. This review is for just the seafood tower! All in all, it was very underwhelming. Will update this once I win the lottery so I can come back to afford this food. I placed my name down for a table of 4 around 5:

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  1. Everything here is super fresh, delicious, and packed with flavor. I love seafood so being from Texas doesn't give you many of those options to explore good seafood.

  2. There are no computer programs to guarantee success. Our top pick was Saltie Girl, who came with high review and good menu offerings. They are easy to make.

  3. She is very dear to me, and the fact that she chose a spouse of whom I approve wholeheartedly made this assignment twice as attractive.

  4. The Smoked Salmon Toast was next. For the home is the ultimate proving ground of civility, where civilization can flourish or end. Have as many children as you can afford.

  5. The Oysters were fresh and each type had a unique flavor profile that was accurately described on their daily menu. This review is for just the seafood tower!

  6. Until now, I thought that the only justifiable marriage was the one that produced me. The snails were tender and soaked in a flavorful garlic herb butter sauce. Lavender Brioche French Toast.

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