Hypnotist gives girl orgasm. Giselle Does A Wonderful Job.

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Greatest Orgasm Ever By Sexy Girl Under Hypnosis

Hypnotist gives girl orgasm

Doctor Michaels pulled his Mercedes into the driveway, months after he watched John drive off into the sunset for good. He surveyed the craftsman home and thought he did pretty well for himself. She turned toward the stairs and began to almost skip away when Dr. Lindsay stood at attention and her expression became one of calm obedience. Her long dark hair was almost black, darker than her mothers, which had a slight burgundy tinge to it. While still a teen, she had the body of a woman, and a face that would sell magazines if she modeled. Then you will bring me a beer before going up to your room for a dream nap. Just then Laura came around the corner and saw Lindsay entranced and shuddering. Laura entered trance instantly and deeply. Her body language suggested she had been hypnotized many times before and now it was merely a reflex to under. It is an honor to know she will service me as you do, obey me and belong to me as you do. She is not your competition, but your teammate in service and slavery to m to me. Do you remember your orgasmic dreams from this week? You will now have an amazing orgasm as you realize and accept completely that the mystery woman was in fact your daughter Lindsay, and you desperately wish to live out that fantasy dream. Her hypnosis and re-hypnosis, the constant programming and deletion of unneeded thoughts and memories really streamlined her thought processes. It was as if one had taken a hard drive and removed all but one program, dedicating it to a single purpose. That purpose was to please, to obey, and offer her mind, body and soul to her new owner Dr. It was as if the planted fantasy she had her whole life was coming true. She never had to think, to worry, she needed only to obey, to worship. Lindsay returned with a beer. Mother and daughter were entranced, obedient, programmed by the Doctor. As Doctor Michaels sipped his beer he led the two upstairs, where he enjoyed the pleasure of a blowjob and getting rimmed simultaneously. He enjoyed penetrating the daughter while the mother kneeled and literally licked his ass, thanking him for the privilege. He had them both use mouthwash then made them trade places. He used their every orifice for his pleasure, he flipped them over like living sex dolls, filling them with his semen. As much as many men might have wanted to see incest, were they in Dr. Right now he just wanted to be treated like a King, then have them shut the fuck up when they were done. White women always talked too much, but not when he had his way. They could talk about how wonderful he was as they kneeled side by side and licked his feet, and then one could suck his cock while other mouthed his balls. It was winter after all. Before his blowjob began though, he put both women into a trance, so he could pose them and inspect them. Side by side, the glowing youth of the daughter made the mother look more her age. Hot as she was, the daughter was in fact hotter. Both asses were equally tight, but the daughter had just a little more booty. After some contemplation, the Doctor thought he would probably tire of the mother first, now that she was his, and he could always sell her and keep the daughter, and the house. But what many hypnotists tend to forget is that the belief system of the subject is key to how far we can instill our ideas. Their beliefs become their fate. Such is the case in my current subject. A former housewife, emotionally drained from a series of bad relationships, with only the most rudimentary pop culture knowledge of hypnosis, was especially receptive to suggestions, commands, and ideas I gave her. In the short 6 months of her conditioning, she has stopped drinking, no longer requires anti-depressants, works out without fail, is in the best shape of her 30 something years, and has absolutely none of the former inhibitions that prevented her from truly sexually expressing herself. I have completely erased any and all negative memories of her past, lingering desires for past lovers, bad habits, her attention deficit disorder, and made her more orgasmic. Michaels pulls out a small cell phone, and hits a button. From behind a curtain, wearing a black latex bikini and patent leather spike heel pumps walks Laura, deeply entranced. She slowly and mechanically walks to directly in front of Dr. Michaels and stops, standing at attention. It appears the woman is not amused that Laura is merely an object to be played with. Laura stares blankly ahead. Smattered applause came from the audience. He hit another button, and Laura stood at attention, turned on a dime, walked back to Dr. Michaels, then assumed a mannequin pose, and froze. Her bikini glistened under the hot lights, as did her skin, so pale. Her teeth were obviously whitened and her hair was a shade darker burgundy, and longer now. In her mind she IS a mannequin, fully pose-able, not subject to fatigue, and while oblivious to her surroundings, the looped series of hypnotic suggestions that allow me this level of control repeats in her conscious and subconscious, non stop in her own voice, always reinforcing itself. We can continue the last 3 hours of topics and discussions, and she will not budge. Please see me afterwards if you have any questions. Michaels received a round of applause, and left the stage. Laura did not move for the next 3 hours. Several other speakers took to the stage, slides were shown, panels discussed hypnosis, and a short movie was screened from a pharmaceutical company. From the shadows emerged the spiky haired woman. Michaels, you put on an amazing demonstration this evening. The woman then walked of to Laura and looked at her more closely, putting on reading glasses. She looked at Dr. She does have an approachable, friendly look, and would be a great addition to my practice. Does she have enough personality for that? Mona Wright, I have an office in the city, smoking cessation, weight loss, that kind of thing. He stared at it, almost in disbelief. Meanwhile Laura stood oblivious to her fate. Can you ship her wardrobe right away? You can donate the rest to charity for all I care. Does she have anything more presentable to the public here? She would now react to Mona with the same reverence she held for Dr. Michaels, but if Dr. Michaels ever longed for a fling, should she show up in his state again, he built in a default. Mona showed up at the door and gently moved her aside. Dr Michaels extended a hand to shake Mona, then pointed to Laura. She put her arm around Iris and pointed to Laura as the phone tone commanded her to enter the hotel room, where she then stood at attention with a pleasant smile. Michaels left and went back to his hotel room, where Lindsay waited eagerly to serve her new master as his recently promoted slave. The idea got Mona hot too, who was no stranger to lesbian foot games and wanted some kinky pampering herself. They made a nice pair, the younger tough, tattooed black woman, and her older stern, white haired lover. That the very feminine, alabaster skinned Laura would soon worship their bodies was a tryst Dr. Michaels would have liked to see. It went like this. She untied her boots and revealed her tattooed legs, and unpolished toenails. There was a distinct line where her dark skin ended and her soles began. Anything I do to humiliate you turns you on the more I tell you it does. Mona watched and touched herself. She grabbed Laura by the hair and brought her face close to hers, Laura was putty in her hands. The Iris spit directly into her mouth. Laura started to gag. Iris then pushed Laura to her knees then onto all fours. Mona started to touch herself. Say you should know your place, and never piss of tough girls. Laura in her suit, kneeled before the tough girl in denim cutoffs and placed he face close to the girls large feet. They had a mild aroma from being in leather boots without socks. Laura hesitantly kissed the tops and tried to ignore the scent. She then held her breath and Iris noticed. Look at the tattoos, they get you wet. She took the long toes into her mouth and sucked each one, then all at once, cramming them into her mouth as far as she could, looking up at the tough girl. Iris let a dribble of saliva drop from her mouth to the top of her other foot, right onto the tattoo, then yelled at Laura. Hypnotist gives girl orgasm

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  1. The woman then walked of to Laura and looked at her more closely, putting on reading glasses. Michaels and stops, standing at attention. Dr Michaels extended a hand to shake Mona, then pointed to Laura.

  2. He surveyed the craftsman home and thought he did pretty well for himself. And it is that knowledge expressed through the power of her erotic hypnosis MP3s which enables her to bring your submissive desires and fantasies fully to life. She wanted to be degraded and humiliated any way they could invent.

  3. Laura stares blankly ahead. The richness of her creative intellect has enabled her to produce a series of life-enhancing and life-changing erotic hypnosis MP3s. Halloween was her favorite time of year as innocent party goers presented incredible collection opportunities.

  4. From the shadows emerged the spiky haired woman. For this I offer a selection of used garments in my store as worn by me. Those who wish to suffer the bittersweet pleasures of temporary chastity find the means and the willpower to hold back until Madam Raison Detre gives them permission to end, explosively, their hypnotically induced chastity.

  5. She knows that if you are to be fully receptive and open to the sheer bliss which is to come, you must push away all cares, worries and anxieties. She was groveling, big time.

  6. Their beliefs become their fate. She never had to think, to worry, she needed only to obey, to worship. Dr Michaels extended a hand to shake Mona, then pointed to Laura.

  7. He stared at it, almost in disbelief. Iris then pushed Laura to her knees then onto all fours.

  8. From the shadows emerged the spiky haired woman. Maybe a pair of delicious, lacy or satin used panties that I have worn so very, very close to my skin. Clip of an Erotic Hypnosis MP3 Erotic Hypnosis MP3 Submission When Madam Raison Detre takes your hand and leads you calmly, gently on the first stage of your hypnotic journey with her, you will have little sense of the incredible delights which lie immediately ahead as you listen, relaxing to her erotic hypnosis MP3.

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