I can t get over my girlfriends past. 9 ways Facebook can get you fired.

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Can't Get Over Girlfriend's Prior Sexual Relationships @hodgetwins

I can t get over my girlfriends past

August 6, at 8: The difference is that he was my first love, my first of everything. We were two teenagers that fell in love. At 16 years of age respectfully, he broke up with me due to his parents insecurities about him and I. We then reconnected 25 years later. He was on his fourth marriage, while I was in my first marriage of 21 years. I stilled loved him, he 'realized' that he still loved me. Although, I hadn't changed too much, he had. He was wounded, guarded and even displayed bi polar characteristics at times from all the events, marriages and circumstances in life. My ex has the gift of gab, smart, intelligent and indeed could get any woman he wanted. My husband and I were going thru a rough patch and my old fling looked good to me. His body was perfect in every dimension, the most handsome man ever and his walk would command every woman in the room to pay attention. Not to brag but his 4th wife was no match for me — so I thought for sure that if I wanted him forever, that I could have him. Once we met, shared email and phone conversations for two years, we met up and spent four nights together. We realized that we were soul mates and didn't want to be apart. He consulted with a divorce attorney and what do you know — the attorney told him that in the state he resided women had allot of power. His two children would go with her, he'd pay child and spousal support too. Finding out about this stressed him out to the core. Then he realized that he could never be apart from his children even in another home. Not now at least. So his plan was to pay for her college education, she'd get a job then he'd leave her. Not to mention that he started saying things like, "I'm not going to leave her for you". Your not the only women in the world. I wont cry for you". Or, "why are you calling me at work I don't like surprise phone calls. Then more and more excuses arose. So, I'd leave only to return because he said he couldn't live without me. One day, I had strength. I broke it off with him and told him that I would inform my husband of our affair. He immediately blocked me from all communication, but before he did, He said, "Your not concerned with my situation so bye! Before it was call me, text me, send me pics, I love you…blah blah. Then when his wife returned from a 2 month vacation in Germany. It was I'm busy, I'm sleepy, I forgot to call you etc etc. He changed, Once I started pushing him to either leave or give me an exact date. Ladies, if he loves you — he wouldn't put you in this type of situation. If he loves you money wouldn't be an option as another excuse was he'd lose all his money. If he loves you he'd show you and not just say it. It's been a year since I left and I pat myself on the back every day and I even give myself a hug — why because I walked away. Everything I read about 'he won't leave you for his wife' is true. No matter how cute you are. How sexy you look. If you have implants etc. Even if you do exercises to keep yourself tight. He won't leave her for you!!! And just so I won't be an idiot and take him back my friends harassed him and his wife on a social media site. They scared the crap out of him without mentioning the particulars publicly, even demanding that he call and apologize to me for his deceptive and dishonest lies — but he got the message. I hope that he won't do this to another woman. Cause her heartbreak and pain like he did to me. But, I was wrong too. I should've never slept with him. I should've never contacted him so many years ago. Right now, I have one job and that is too daily forgive myself for the affair, love my husband even more, love myself by not devaluing myself for any man, and learn from my mistakes. If this posting can help one person I'm thankful. If your thinking about having an affair don't do it. If your in one, get out. I can t get over my girlfriends past

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  1. If you have any other stories of yourself or others being fired or disciplined thanks to Facebook, please share them with the group. While the cops arrive, he gazes upon some of his cattle stock roaming just a small patch of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

  2. Wonder how loud she is in bed? Follow We have probably all heard a story or two about someone who has been fired for doing ridiculously stupid things on Facebook, like calling in sick and then posting drunken photos of themselves in compromising positions onto their feed, being careful to tag themselves freely and maybe even referencing the fact they were meant to be at work.

  3. At 16 years of age respectfully, he broke up with me due to his parents insecurities about him and I. Do not be racist.

  4. Although, I hadn't changed too much, he had. We realized that we were soul mates and didn't want to be apart. Some of them may even blow your mind.

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