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I like girls and boys

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: Popular in , when some of this took place. Will give a brief compendium, but some added stuff. Last year I began in earnest fixing up my autobiography, which, I am happy to say is now complete. Has been for a couple of months now, with two additional chapters on my take on the modern world and mystical secrets about The Great Beyond. During the course of telling buddies of these things, sharing the editing process as I went along, I spoke of the conversation us boys had at Mrs. Along with my own take on the effectiveness or lack thereof on the art of spanking. Never had any children of my own but I have some good ideas. At times you can see the living room better when you are outside looking in, rather than if you are inside it. My earliest memory of being spanked was when I pitched a fit in the kitchen, because Mom was fixing some eggs and bacon for herself and Dad while my younger brother David and I dined on cold cereal. Mom just asked Dad what he wanted after we were already eating. Dad said eggs and bacon would be best. As he tried to read the newspaper, I pitched a fit, said I wanted some. Mom said no, not enough. Dad put down his paper for the moment, looked at me, at my cereal box, said, You better eat your cereal Wow, like a moth to a flame! I fussed some more. He leapt up, bared my butt with a quick pull of my PJ bottoms and underwear, and he gave me a good hand spanking, right on my bare butt. I laughed and laughed. He stopped abruptly, sat back down. I pulled up my bottoms and underwear, sat down laughing up a storm. Dad arched his eyebrows, looked at Mom as in, Hey, our son likes this. Biggest kick when Dad asked David if he wanted to complain and David, all wide-eyed, said, No, Daddy. I like Sugar Smacks. I was five then, musta been, as my mother had not given birth to my brother Steve yet, three months shy of my sixth birthday. She told me when she was pregnant with my brother David when I was all of two years old and still in diapers, he picked me up, took me to his bedroom, laid me down on the bed, and took off his belt and whipped me hard over my diaper. A common phrase back then, Wait till your father gets home. They even made it into a nighttime cartoon series, I do remember. I slunk down in my seat, feeling terrified. She looked at me in her rear-view mirror, smirked. Oh, she loved that! Oh, but she did later! Dad would come home in a grouchy mood. Kept trying to get his own fern business going in North Central Florida. Kept failing and he took out his anger on the family. After enough of fighting, he came home and Mom decided to take his attention off of her and tell him something I or both I and my brother David did. We laid down, face-up, sobbing for a while. Eventually, though, he told me years later, he got tired of being the bad parent and said if she wanted us spanked so badly, she could do it. It took her a while but eventually, she did become the primary spanker after their divorce. I tended to get in trouble more than David, though. A bit more devious was I! Got another fun spanking when I was six. We moved to Florida from Alabama, near where my parents grew up. He told me to stay in the car, but I disobeyed him, deliberately. Wanted to test him. Bobby, I thought I told you to stay in the car. Whatcha gonna do, Grandpa? Hey, whatever floats your boat! And did some out-loud laughing when he took off his belt and swung. Now Mom swears up and down this never happened. Once when she was a girl, he put her across his lap and he spanked her by hand. And he broke down and cried. But, I told her on the phone [this was not long ago as I sent her my accounting in email], Boys are different. Many people, especially fathers, will not spank their daughters, their little princesses. But the same people who will not spank a girl would not think twice about spanking a boy. I am amazed how so many people do not seem to understand that boys and girls are different. Not just their private parts and personality types but how we view them, what we expect of them, the role they have in society. And the attitudes we have in the form of discipline, too. Sure, the scripture says spare the rod and spoil the child! But plainly, physical punishment is a very masculine form of child discipline. And Solomon primarily refers to son when speaking of spanking. Girls frequently did not get spanked. Not mere prejudice, though perhaps a tinge of that. You know, girls are dainty, like flower petals. They wear dresses and play with dolls, girlie stuff, while the boys run, play tag, play football, throw balls around, climb trees, do rough stuff. I mean, do girls climb trees, play tag, etc.? Do boys play with dolls? G I Joe ring a bell? But even the way they play is different. Girls play dress-up and things. Boys use the dolls to fight, to shoot, to kill. I had a Tonka truck. Just kept moving it around, rrring, imitating the sound of the truck. At one point my mom looked down at me, smiled. I smiled back, picked up taking the truck all over the living room, rrring away. Typical boy in that respect. Though there are similarities and most parents who practice corporal punishment give it to the girls as well. They are expected to tough it out. Indeed, why our father just insisted we not cry. Crying is for girls. And they will frequently tell you that if you happen to come with a penis and a pair of testes. But after one revolution, he bent me down a bit harder, kept me in place, and he swung his thin belt a bit harder. It started stinging after a while and my laughter did not keep pace with the first outbursts. But still I did chuckle some, even at the end as it stung my 6-year-old bottom. I think it was not merely that I enjoyed it, that it did not hurt. I think it was also an inner joy I felt. I knew my grandfather loved me. Spanking is a form of love, if practiced wisely. He got me in the car and I snuggled up with him as he drove home. This closed out the s. Indeed, I would go on to hate the s, because so many parents started spoiling their children. I could see it. Not merely by not spanking them, but lavishing toys on them at Christmas and birthdays. I could see the arrogance permeating among my peers as the decade went on. Used to sing it all the time. Everybody loved Jeremiah the bullfrog. At this time I had just turned eight, Frank was eight, Mac was eight, James was eight. We were all in the same grade at school, had just completed the second grade. I like girls and boys

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  1. As Steve rubbed his spanked buns, I looked at David, who looked at Dad, who looked at me, looked at by David.

  2. And did some out-loud laughing when he took off his belt and swung. My dad was so angry, he used the belt on me. Org offers inspiration and support through an online community, free expert lectures and Lean In Circles, small peer groups who meet regularly to share and learn together.

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