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Confederate Railroad "I Like My Women a Little on The Trashy Side"

I like my girls a little on the trashy side

They are preparing a business trip or an expatriation here and they wonder about the nightlife in Jakarta. Surprisingly, the first question men ask me usually before arriving is not about their housing, their kid's school or the number of medical facilities. No, the question I get the most is this one: Ask anybody in Europe what is the difference between a Thai girl and a Korean girl, I bet you they will not be able to answer that. Yet, after many years spent in Indonesia, I can proudly say that I will recognize an Indonesian girl very easily, and if I'm wrong it will mean the girl is from Malaysia. Malay-Indo girls are very different from other Asian girls: Apart from the long black hair and the tiny body, they are easy to recognize for many reasons that are hard to explain: It's a combination of different elements, but to sum up, I would say that on average Indonesian girls have a darker skin, larger eyes, thicker eyebrows, a small nose and a fantastic smile. There are different kind of Indonesian girls of course, and I will give an example of the most typical girls you have a good chance to meet: There, girls usually hide skin from their bodies too by wearing jeans and long sleeves shirts. The jilbab is coulorful most of the time, but do not let us see any hair. In Jakarta, girls are more liberal. Since there are so many counterfeit products, it is not surprising to see girls carrying a Louis Vuitton. In malls like Mangga Dua Square or in the buses, you will see a lot of them, looking simple, but pretty Photo Credit: In the bars and nightclubs, there are a few broad types of girls: You will meet them in X2 or Dragonfly. The great thing with Jakarta is that you actually have a window of opportunity to date models and actresses, even if you are a very average man. Many reasons can explain why Indonesian girls like so much being with expats, but one thing is sure, if you are decent looking, you stand a chance with everyone in Jakarta. Those girls may look like these: You also have in this category the upper class clubbing girl: Very sexy but never trashy, perfect make-up and hairdo Photo Credit: In the South, they are trying a bit too hard to be sexy and they tend to show off with expensive accessories their boyfriends bought them. In the north, they often have a black or at least a unicolor mini-skirt, whitening cream on the face, and maybe a Nokia on their hands. That would be mean to put some photos of girls here and imply they are prostitutes so I will let you imagine the picture. For the skirt, it's something like that Photo Credit: Vabio Aurelio The Balinese girl, in my opinion, is a concept of its own: Balinese girls are very difficult to go out with compared to Javanese girls. They are not as sexy but they are exactly what we imagine the exotic girl is like Photo Credit, for this photo plus the first one in the article: At last, the Party Girl, especially in Jakarta, is a fun girl to hang out with, one you will not very long to fall in love with because she is beautiful and because she makes you feel alive: Overall, girls in Indonesia are stunning and it's difficult not to fall in love quickly upon arrival. Actually I think this will be your main problem: Avoid falling in love too quickly, before you've got a clear understanding of how the relationships work in Indonesia. I hope now you have a clearer idea of what do Indonesian girls look like. Of course each of them is unique, but I'm sure expats who've lived in Jakarta will agree that there is an Indo style. Please, feel free to comment! I like my girls a little on the trashy side

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  1. Having endured a poverty-stricken childhood, she is now one of the most famous and wealthy country singers in the world. On one hand — the girls in Peru are not nearly as hot as other Latin American women.

  2. LatinAmericanCupid makes it easy to find girls there. There are a few that know English and use it to their advantage.

  3. Yet, after many years spent in Indonesia, I can proudly say that I will recognize an Indonesian girl very easily, and if I'm wrong it will mean the girl is from Malaysia. Dominican girls look amazing naked, but are more interested in your money than anything else. I told her that I was more than happy to help her, if she was willing to help me, of course.

  4. Now the country singer has revealed she drew inspiration for her image from the local town prostitute.

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