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Ideal date for a girl

Characters[ edit ] Moz Johnny Vegas: He deals only in the many varieties of marijuana and sees himself as 'providing a crucial service to the community". Moz rarely sets foot outside the front door of his bedsit and seems to have no concept of keeping the flat tidy. Ideally he'd like a peaceful and easy-going life but always seems to end up getting entangled in the problems and crimes going on around him. Moz is not intentionally nasty but is sometimes shown to be brash and insensitive. He usually shows a very sardonic manner and is sometimes dismissive of others but generally hospitable; he is often juvenile but shows signs of intelligence in his street smarts and the way he conducts his business. As the series progresses, his life becomes complicated. At the end of the first series and throughout the second he suffers from guilt over his role in Craig's murder. At the climax of series two he falls off the roof of his flat and breaks his leg. At the beginning of the third series his leg is in plaster and during the series Moz is plagued by born again Christian builders renovating his flat after a fire; he pretends to share their faith but this backfires when they persuade him to propose to Nicki. In the finale of the third series Moz is attacked by Alan one of the builders who has discovered Moz's real occupation. In series four Moz engages in an affair with long-term customer Jenny and finds himself caught in the middle of a gang war. In the first episode of series five Moz says that he has gone straight and given up dealing but not using drugs. He is arrested for supplying heroin and then attempts to skip bail and leave for Portugal. In series 6, Moz is still not dealing drugs. Moz gets caught up in Psycho Paul's organ trading business and gets kidnapped by the Chinese mafia. In series 7, Moz goes back to dealing and starts falling for Tilly. Moz's girlfriend for the first four series. Nicki can be very assertive and openly opposed to several of Moz's more distinctive shortcomings. In the very first episode it is revealed she is cheating on him. When the baby is born it becomes clear that Kuldip is the father. After a while Nicki can't stand living with Moz any more and moves out. In the second series Nicki moves in with Sangita and they become involved, which Moz chooses to deny completely. In series three Nicki and the baby live with Moz again although the baby is seldom seen. The baby causes her to suffer from sleep deprivation, until she is having hallucinations involving Moz's head on the shoulders of a bodybuilder and as her baby. In the fourth series whilst Moz is having an affair with Jenny, Nicki rekindles her affair with PC, ultimately leaving Moz for him in the series finale. She later dumps him, but continues to deal in drugs, causing a rivalry between her and Moz in series 7. The mask came from an idea Graham Duff had from a memory of a man who used to wear a long plastic nose piece from using too much cocaine. Cartoon Head doesn't value life at all; it is revealed during the first series that he is a hitman. Although he has had several telephone conversations with Psycho Paul and Moz, he never utters a word on screen. Cartoon Head's mask has been superglued to his face by his boss, Stemroach, and it is impossible to remove: At the end of the first series Moz realises that Cartoon Head, who is one of his most loyal customers, is actually the man behind the notorious "Hand-Job Murders". When the hitman turns up at Moz's flat high on LSD at the end of the first series, he mis-interprets what Moz says and shoots Craig dead, providing a story arc for series two. The left ear of the mask is cut off by Steve in the seventh episode of series three but it has been reattached with sticky tape by the following episode. Following a battle that rages throughout series four, Cartoon Head becomes leader of the Triad. His brother is Nikoli and both are actually Russians. Cartoon Head was a student at Salford University studying to become a doctor but dropped out after Freshers week. At the end of the seventh series Cartoon Head is shot by his wife, whom he is cheating on. It is unknown whether he survives. At one point he even throws a tin of dressed crab through Moz's window to try to gain his attention. Moz is eventually worn down and agrees to deal to Craig. In the seventh episode of series one Craig brings a carrier bag full of weed to Moz's flat to boost Moz's diminishing stocks and the two of them quickly become friends. Moz remarks that he and Cartoon Head should "take him [Craig] out" clubbing but Cartoon Head, who is high on LSD , misinterprets this as an order to murder Craig and Craig is therefore shot. At the end of the first series, Craig's identical twin Steve arrives to look for his brother and fuels Moz's paranoia and guilt over the murder of Craig. At the start of series two Steve visits Moz's flat looking for his missing brother Craig but ends up joining Stemroach's gang, not knowing that it was fellow gang member Cartoon Head who killed his brother. Steve is exploited by the rest of the gang - he always gets the bad jobs and is often physically abused. The rest of the gang find him very annoying but tolerate him. In the seventh episode of series three, Steve takes control of the gang after a short manic outburst which has both Psycho Paul and Cartoon Head uncharacteristically terrified. His role as leader is short-lived as he feels unable to maintain his status and he resigns in the following episode. When Steve admits that he doesn't actually have violence in him, his fellow gang members turn on him and gouge out his left eye with a spoon as a result of which he wears an eye patch. In the fourth series Steve remains loyal to Psycho Paul despite his previous injury, as Paul promises to one day return his preserved eye. In the final episode of series four he kills Stemroach by throwing the glass-encased eye into his forehead, and then quits the gang. In series 6 he accidentally shoots himself in the stomach after Psycho Paul tells him the gun wasn't loaded. He is dismembered by Dr. Persil after his death. He appears in series one as a more violent and successful dealer. Throughout the show, Psycho Paul bullies Moz or "Morris", as he calls him , often slapping him and pressuring him into helping him out with his plots. Paul gives up dealing in order to move into the shadier and more lucrative worlds of kidnapping, pornography and other gangster activities. Moz doesn't want to get involved in his plans but finds it difficult to refuse Psycho Paul without causing offence and thus risking repercussions. In series five he becomes the leader of a rival gang with Steve and Xavier to the triad and they move into human trafficking, this leads to them helping Nikoli into the country with his helper, believing them to be young Russian girls who they can put to work for them when they turn Steve's flat into a brothel. Moz's mate and also his chief supplier. PC is a police constable for the Greater Manchester Police. He supplies Moz with weed which has been seized from other dealers during raids. PC is a useful contact for Moz, tipping him off as to what the latest police activity is - information which proves vital when the CID plan to raid the flat. They are close friends, at least initially; PC has been sleeping with Nicki and after she gets pregnant at Moz's birthday party, he falls in love with her, offering to take care of her and the baby and drunkenly challenging Moz to a fight. PC has had a number of affairs with Nicki. Moz remains oblivious to their first affair until PC tells him while drunk. A complete coward, PC does everything he can to avoid arresting people. PC also dodges the offers of promotion he's received as he doesn't want any more responsibility. In the finale of the second series he is stabbed by Stemroach's gang but takes his revenge by blackmailing Moz into setting up Stemroach in series three. Following these events he is upset to discover that Moz has allowed Brian to be his best man. There are no direct references to PC's real name until series four, episode two where it is revealed that he is called Phil Collins: He originally shared the flat with Moz when the duo moved to it together as a 'bachelor pad' in At the end of series five he moves into Moz's empty flat after being kicked out his flat by Nicki. Troy Tony Burgess , also co-writer: In the first series it is revealed that he has been living in Moz's airing cupboard after separating from his wife. For a while he runs a pirate radio station "Troy FM" from the airing cupboard but the bad wiring causes him continual problems, finally culminating in an explosion. It is strongly implied that Troy suffers from mental illness; several references are made to him having been sectioned under the Mental Health Act. He is very touchy about the topic of his wife and becomes upset when people talk to him about it. In one episode he moves out of Moz's flat to go back to her, only to return in the next episode with bruises and a fork wound to the neck. He is a complete contrast to Moz; loud, not very conscientious, egotistic and most notably a lot smaller than his brother. Moz sees him as a pest at times yet sometimes betrays fraternal affection. It was Troy who accidentally shot Stemroach in and caused him to lose his voice - if it wasn't for Moz stepping in front of the gun Stemroach was aiming at Troy, Troy would have been killed. A relatively successful DJ which Troy resents , he has a regular slot as a DJ at the local nightclub. He often boasts to Moz about the number of white label records he has in his box. He is a frequent visitor to Moz's house in the first series but plays a relatively minor role until a sexual encounter with Nicki during a party. He only appears in the second series to find out that he is the father of Nicki's baby, Sanjeev. In series three he returns from Barcelona to pursue Nicki and it is revealed that she has been writing to him every week and sending him photographs of their baby. She is a timid, demure necrophiliac who is constantly saying "sorry". She soon becomes the dealer's potential love interest; they are mutually attracted but he is disgusted at the idea of her having sex with dead bodies. Judith experiments with drugs with Moz; on one occasion she overdoses him with cookies filled with magic mushrooms , taking advantage of his unconscious body to have a pseudo-necrophiliac encounter. This proves to be a turning point for her. Timid Judith wants to fit in and be normal but it soon becomes clear that she has various interests and hobbies that border on the socially unacceptable. Moz first starts to get worried when Judith begins working at an undertakers and is seen dragging body-shaped sacks into her flat. To add to the problem, Judith develops an obsession with Moz, sculpting a giant clay model of Moz's head in her flat and starting to alter her appearance to look more like Nicki in a blatant attempt to steal Moz from her. After an unfortunate accident, she ends series three with a wasp mask stuck to her head and proves stubbornly persistent. Her mask gets Cartoon Head interested in her and for a while they become a couple, although he starts to ignore her when she has it removed by a doctor. She finds out that she is pregnant by Cartoon Head who is in denial. In the final episode of series four Judith has the wasp mask stuck back on and says "I'm not sorry" she then apologises for this and Cartoon Head is happy again. Ideal date for a girl

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  2. The only one reason why a European girl was could be called a witch was not her deals but her beauty. At the beginning of the third series his leg is in plaster and during the series Moz is plagued by born again Christian builders renovating his flat after a fire; he pretends to share their faith but this backfires when they persuade him to propose to Nicki. Troy Tony Burgess , also co-writer:

  3. The head of the family: Dried dates keep for up to a year in the refrigerator while fresh dates should be refrigerated in tight, sealed containers and can keep for up to eight months. Many Russian women like to learn something new and to develop themselves in different ways.

  4. In the seventh episode of series one Craig brings a carrier bag full of weed to Moz's flat to boost Moz's diminishing stocks and the two of them quickly become friends. His flat is usually dark and unlit and Fist seems to spend a lot of time watching people come and go, seemingly with sinister intent.

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