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What Causes a Woman to Become Controlling?

Is my girlfriend a control freak

So it is a surprise to learn that when the year-old Harley Street specialist started suffering pain in his stomach during filming, it was his fear of being operated on that stopped him getting it checked out and resulted in him suffering a life-threatening illness. TV doctor Christian Jessen needed his appendix taken out, but chose to ignore the symptoms 'But the thought of having an operation absolutely terrified me. I'm a total control freak and couldn't bear the thought of being put to sleep and operated on. So I left it, stupidly — hoping the pain would go away. In fact, to Christian's dismay, the pain became so intense that after only a couple of days, he found he could no longer lie on his right side. More than a week later, he was doubled up in agony and ended up undergoing an emergency operation after his appendix burst, leading to the dangerous condition peritonitis. I've had malaria in the past, which was awful. But compared to this, it was a walk in the park. Men are more likely to get it than women and although it can happen at any age, it is most common between the ages of 11 and It is more likely to occur in the winter months, although doctors do not know why. As well as prescription painkillers, certain types of antidepressants are very effective with non-migraine headaches. Christian, a specialist in infectious disease who lives with his partner in Central London, began suffering from pain in his abdomen while filming Supersize v Superskinny in You have two people taking part, one overweight and one underweight, who both feel very vulnerable while making the show so I didn't want to let them down. Often with appendicitis you lose your appetite and have diarrhoea but I was fine in that respect. But a few days later I was doubled up in agony. Everyone could see I was in pain and kept telling me to see a doctor but I didn't want to accept I might have to go in for an operation. Straight away the nurse said, "You've got to go to hospital and get that seen to, you are full of fluid. But even then I went home thinking it still might calm down. I left it until the next day before I did anything about it and went to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. It must have been bad because I was admitted straight away and was in the operating theatre within the hour. It is a very safe operation with fewer than three in 1, people dying during it or soon afterwards. Around 17 in every 1, people die if their appendix bursts before they have surgery. He needed to operate as soon as possible and get all the infection out. The more muscular you are, the more it makes you twitch and I'm heavily built so as I was going into spasm I remember thinking, ''Oh, this is horrendous. It gave me a real insight into what every patient must feel. He was fitted with a drain to the right side of the scar so remaining poison could be flushed out. I don't r e m e m b e r much about waking up or the day after the operation. I was too poorly. My parents came to visit me but I don't recall that at all. But unfortunately, the dose was so large that it also suppressed my respiratory drive, so my oxygen levels plummeted. I wanted to know exactly what they were doing to me and what drugs they were giving me and I'd constantly be arguing with them, saying, "Why are you giving me this? Two days after the operation, two burly nurses came into the room and said, "Right, you're getting out of bed. My abdominal wall felt so tight that I was convinced the stitches would come apart, even though I knew they wouldn't. The episode has left a mark on him physically and psychologically. He has a 4in scar on his right side and a small puncture-like scar from where a drain was inserted. But if I do, there's no way I'll leave it as long to get the symptoms checked. I was very, very lucky. Share or comment on this article: Being a scared, vain control freak almost cost me my life Most watched News videos. Is my girlfriend a control freak

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