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Mexican single girls

She thinks Edward's just a player. He thinks she's some kind of weirdo. But you can't judge a book by its cover, and Bella just might faint when she discovers who's reading her fic! Art imitates life imitates art. An AH fic-in-a-fic and a fluffy salute to this fandom. Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight. I just had a crazy idea involving Twilight fan fiction, the people who read them, and those who write. The Story Has to Start Somewhere Bella sat in her bedroom, looking at her laptop screen, quietly reading the ending of the story she'd just finished, proofreading one more time. The End Author's note: Thank you for reading, reviewing, following, and favoriting "Beyond the Hills So Green. Thanks also to my beta, angelbaby. And a special shout out to Star-A-Holic for another awesome banner! I have a lot going on in RL right now but I'm hoping to start another story as soon as things settle. Keep me on author alert for a heads-up! Cyberhugs to you all! She would miss the characters; they always became like friends to her as the story progressed, filling a small void in her life, just like the characters in every book she'd ever read and loved. But this version of Ethan and Stella were well on their way to their happiness and it was time to let them go. They would be back, in some new incarnation, in her next creation. She sighed as she logged onto the fan-fiction website to upload the final chapter of her most recent story, "Beyond the Hills So Green. The stories featured the unlikeliest of couples, destined to be together, despite all odds and warnings from friends and family alike. A cup of tea would be nice, Bella decided. And then one final read-through of the entire chapter before she posted the update. It didn't matter that she had already read and re-read, proofed and spell-checked, and sent the whole damn thing to Angela for her meticulous eye. Nor did it matter that Angela had emailed it back with minor adjustments and a smiley face. Something always got past them. Heaven forbid it would be a misused word. She was an English teacher for goodness' sake! But an errant comma or lack of one, a semi-colon where a period would have been a better choice Yes, a cup of hot tea right now would be just the thing. Bella stood and stretched and left her room, headed for the kitchen. Everything's packed to go. Got my clothes into three large boxes and filled a rolling suitcase with shoes, belts and purses. I set them in the hall. I'm not taking everything. I'll be back again soon, you know? I can get anything else I need then. He smiled at her from his chair in front of the TV. The door's always open. Lot less damage if you have an open door policy. Might as well get as much done tonight as possible. Don't want to worry about it early in the morning. Should all be fine overnight in the garage. I'll put a tarp over everything and tie it down for your drive to Seattle tomorrow. I just wish you could have waited until Sunday, when Jacob brings the truck with your other furniture. I screwed up with the furniture delivery time but if I'm not there tomorrow, the next available day isn't until Thursday. I want to be moved in and organized as much as possible before I start work next week. I need a few days to find my center so I'll be in a Zen state when I start with my freshmen classes. She looked up to see Charlie scratching the back of his neck. It was one of his tells. He tried not to show it but she knew. I've lived in Seattle every school year I was at U-Dub. She'd known this evening would be hard for him but he would have to come to terms with it. Still, she felt bad; she was finally leaving the nest for good. Charlie cleared his throat, shifting his stance and bracing his arm against the doorjamb. But this is different, Bells. You're starting your career and your life. And you may be an adult now, but you'll always be my little girl. It's my job to worry about you. I'd be a terrible parent if I didn't. I'm moving into a really nice, gated condominium complex. It seems very safe. You said so yourself when we looked at them. That was nice of Renee and Phil to give you the down payment for that place. I wish I'd been able to contribute more than just some money for a few pieces of furniture. You've paid your dues, I'd say. And Mom wasn't in a place to help financially then. With Phil's job now she is, and it's so very generous of him that he wanted to help. Besides, they've said they'll plan on staying there when they come to visit. And he takes good care of your mother. It's not like moving into a dormitory or apartment with roommates or neighbors sort of watching over each other. She was tempted to roll her eyes but refrained. Once the school year starts up I'll be busy organizing curriculum, planning classes and correcting papers. I probably won't even have much time for a social life anyway until things get settled. And I promise…I'll always keep my trusty pepper spray handy. Bella headed back upstairs to re-read her chapter and post the update. Once she had finished with the computer she gathered her pajamas and padded off to the bathroom to shower. She realized afterward that she had already packed her blow dryer so she would be forced to let her unruly hair air dry. Tomorrow she would be driving and moving in and organizing. It wouldn't matter if she wasn't looking her best. When she returned to her room she checked her email and saw two review alerts in her inbox. She opened the first one. Oh bellybeans, you have made my day! I was so certain they wouldn't wind up together but you outdid yourself this time, girlfriend! Well, really it's Ethan that I'm gah-ing about. I'm tempted to push Stella right over that craggy cliff and into the sea, and keep ruggedly handsome Ethan all to myself! But oh well…it's only fiction. Thanks for the HEA and for continuing to write and keep me from my laundry, housework, hubby and small children, etc. Looking forward to your next story. Franny, aka FRANfiction, was one of her earliest readers. They had been through five stories together. She adored Franny's sense of humor and she hit the reply link immediately. Well, Stella and Ethan made it! And when Stella isn't looking, I'll snatch Ethan up and mail him off to you! I know you'll take good care of him. Besides, you'll have a ruggedly handsome helper to assist with your laundry, housework and etc. Just make sure your hubby takes the little ones to the park while you and Ethan are working on the etc. Thank you for all your kind words and for sticking with me. I couldn't stop reading long enough to review! I felt like I knew your characters personally. Mexican single girls

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  2. Pulling the curtain aside, he peered down to the street out front. And he takes good care of your mother.

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  6. The top sheet was crumpled and pushed down toward the foot of the bed. I just had a crazy idea involving Twilight fan fiction, the people who read them, and those who write.

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