My girlfriend dumped me what should i do. Ask a Guy: He Dumped Me But I Want Him Back.

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Never Chase After Being Dumped

My girlfriend dumped me what should i do

What Should I Do? Evan, what should I do? I am engaged to a guy who I have been dating for 4. I love him but I have so much anger and resentment towards him. He always is happy to see me and be with me. We have a lot in common, but I feel we have some major core differences. He is extremely selfish. He is wealthy and I think this has affected his outlook on money. I am very generous with a big heart, but I find that I am always disappointed. All our finances are separate, I would be fine even with a pre-nup which I know is coming, but I am not fine with having a husband who puts himself that far above me because of his money. Lara You know what they say about rich guys, right? There are plenty of people who have issues around money — including yours truly — but your multi-millionaire takes the very expensive wedding cake. I am, however, going to try to look at the other side — something that you may not have done yet. Sounds like a promising start, no? Yet he probably pays for the bulk of the house, car payments, medical payments, vacations, etc. I think two things: Which gives you two choices: I also think you may be equating his lack of generosity with a lack of love. Do you believe that? You think he should pay for you because he can. All of this begs the unfortunate and delicate question: Maybe just a little? After all, you may have taken a pay cut, but you probably still live in a big house with a nice car and have everything you need. And, if not, are you also equating love with money? Please let me know what you choose to do. My girlfriend dumped me what should i do

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