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I am not fit in these 2 types at all.. Quite shameful, There are many things here in Thailand to write instead of how to get laid with Thai girls. Chris October 3, at 7: Yes there are exceptions to the rule. U just live in low class. I do think u cant support girls in your country. Chris October 4, at 6: Your narrow mind suggests that you have not the world experience such as me. Firstly the article deals with girls aged and you are married to a Thai woman who looks like shes well into her mids however I have two girlfriends aged 18 and 20 plus we have a bisexual lover aged Plus the weekly girls we find every week. I talk to many girls around this age and therefore my experience is more than you. So really your attack on me is unwarranted and unjustified. Brian Sumpter March 1, at 5: Why does a dick in a pussy have to be an ATM withdrawal transaction? Why is love a beaten discarded afterthought? Perhaps thai women should lay off the old ugly farang. Then maybe the one who hate can feel better about their lives. Chris October 5, at Many readers missed that you are talking about younger women. I never pay for sex in Thailand either — and I am Because a decent looking farang who is polite, soft spoken with a bit of Thai, has hair on his head and with a big white pecker is hot property, especially when the wife tells her friends how you do her 3 x a day and how many orgasms she gets etc… A good reputation attracts certain curious or needy women like a shit attracts flies. My wife sometimes asks me to do her friends. Had to make another Teacher pregnant the other day. She wants a cute white baby. The hubby does my aircon and agreed. Never gave her a penny. Another teacher moved from south of Thailand with her kid so I could fuck her once a week. The last one knitted me a pillow with a big heart as a thank you, so sweet. My wife likes the pillow by the way. My Thai step son is 19 and rents off me — correction his 21 year old girlfriend pays and buys him clothes and shit. He changes every couple of months. Then I see those idiots throwing money at Thai women, it makes me puke, man. Eddie August 1, at 9: Appreciate your reply Eddie R. Hall January 16, at 3: Quality question seems to be: Both Sadly there is not enough time,life is just too short But what about physical health? Chris January 19, at 4: Hall January 19, at Roll the dice enough times—. R Chris January 22, at 7: Partha June 8, at 8: But I feel few thing about Thai people specially in Bangkok, North is bit different are strikingly bad. They are just fanatic with white skin. All looser from white country whom we actually out played in their own game with our wit gather your in Thailand and abuse your daughters and sisters and your government treat them like god. I am sorry but you are treated absolutely right. Western people or culture is not bad but believe me these backpackers are waste. They even can not do simple arithmetic , filthy in taste and behavior. If you like to go to bed with them who can help you anyway. Ask your history , whom your culture derived. And ask yourself whom you are selling you soul, you will get the answer yourself. Sorry if I hurt you,my intention is not hurting you rather help you understand the reality. Chris July 19, at 3: Those who know only bar girls and prostitutes. Those ladyboys who are my friends are mostly hardworking all kind of normal jobs and many times lonely lb: Magnus gpowacht October 4, at 2: There are always 2 sides , good and bad ,and with your experience in bad side of Thailand then you thought that all Thai people are as what you think, you are very narrow minded to apply this. Just wondering, if you think this is bad and disgusting, still you enjoy it and can live with it , then I can understand what kind of class you are in.. IF here Thailand is bad, get the hell out of Thailand, go back to your civilization and your western girls. Chris October 4, at 4: I am basically saying that most Thai girls are NOT all about money and are basically like western women where the game also applies to them. And they act like women if you treat them right. And they wonder why American men are looking overseas. They tend to be not very bright either. I want to know how many Thai people do you know. What kind of your think with human around the world. Ha…ha…ha… Ask to your friends how about Thai culture not how about Thai girls. Chris October 4, at Honesty October 4, at He always respect and optimistic to Thai culture ,and only accept such a good side of Thailand. I never upset to u. Nobody perfects even girls in ur country and all girls in the world …God Bless U and hope u gonna be change ur attitude about Thailand Girls!! Thx a lots guy Chris October 4, at The article is a how to guide to get with Thai women, REAL thai women not bar girls or girls looking for money. Datebayo June 14, at 7: I can see you are a true Pick up artist, me saying this as a colleague player. And I want to confirm you that:: Not all women like as you said. You have to ask yourself first , which kind of girl you want to meet? Where are you looking for that girls?? In every Country they have such kind of women as you said… Did you have any expirence in other Country?? I think this world gonna be really perfect world… Chris October 4, at George April 25, at 5: He never gave me the feeling he is looking down on any women, neither in Thailand nor anywhere else. I think once he found out how to deal with girls or young women, he adors them for what they are. And by the way it always needs two! John August 3, at 7: Whatever the reason may be Money, love, sex, status etc. And frankly Many farangs are tricked and they loose everything. And one thing to falangs: I just dont understand why you have to go and choose the ugliest, darkest, skoii girl that you can find in a bar…. So to most thai people: And to MOST falangs: Next time you wanna complain about a girl doing this and that to you, think about how and where you found her. Tarn October 4, at People around you possible can be like you said but not all the country. I thought you might got some problem in your brain. Please look at your self how good you are?? I would ask you go out from my country bad people like you should go out. Perfet girls com

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  1. Chris October 5, at She wants a cute white baby. The last one knitted me a pillow with a big heart as a thank you, so sweet.

  2. My wife sometimes asks me to do her friends. Chris October 3, at 7: In every Country they have such kind of women as you said… Did you have any expirence in other Country??

  3. John August 3, at 7: What are the means of cheap and best means of transport , what things should i carry with myself etc.

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