Philipines girl dating in uae. Kuala Lumpur City Guide.

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How "some" of Filipinos spent their day off (Friday) in Dubai, UAE (4th vlog)

Philipines girl dating in uae

USA Visa Applications — 20 Consul interview questions you could be asked and how best to answer them. Stop attracting the negative vibes and start thinking that you have been approved already — even if your appointment is days or weeks from now. You know me, right? I believe in the Law of Attraction. You see, when you keep on thinking that you will be denied, it will manifest during your interview. You will look nervous, your voice will crack, and the consul might feel that you are hiding something. Just so you know, aside from the documents required by the US embassy, it is also important that you know how to respond to the questions correctly. While it matters that your documents can prove that you will go back to your home country, you still need to have conviction during the interview proper. They already did a background check on you when you applied online! List of Cheap Hostels in Metro Manila 1. Why do you want to go to USA? Say that you want to go on a tour and to see what USA has to offer. Have you been to the USA before? You might think that the best answer is YES, and you feel that this is your instant ticket for getting a visa. Just be honest because lying will get you nowhere. Why do you plan to travel at this time? Simply answer that it is your most available time or it is your annual leave from work. If you have other reasons such as having enough savings recently for the trip, then tell the truth. Who are you going with to the USA? Are you going with your relatives or friends? Just make sure you know the basic information of the people you are going with. If you wanted to meet your American boyfriend who you met online and never met in person, I highly suggest you ask him to visit you in the Philippines first! Which places are you planning to visit? Let me know if you need further help with this and I would be more than willing to help you. I suggest that you start with the spots near your accommodation because it is more feasible. How long do you plan to stay in the USA? Carefully study your itinerary and base your answer from there. Or if you are an employee, check your leave credits and talk to your Human Resources representative on your allowed leaves. If you can bring a form or letter during your interview stating your leave credits, that can help as well. Can you stay for a shorter period of time? Similar to the above, you can defend and depend your answer based on your itinerary. Hence, a need for a longer time to stay in the US. How much do you think will it cost you to stay in the USA? This is why we strongly suggest that you create an itinerary for your US trip. What do you do for a living? Tell your job, your businesses and other side jobs, if any. This will give the consul an idea if your employer is credible enough. Similarly, they need to know that you are established in your home country and that you are not going to the US for greener pasture. For people who work online, I know that feeling of not having those Income Tax Return report etc.. How much do you earn for a living? Just tell the correct figures. After all, these can all be seen from the documents you have presented during your online application. And if they feel that it is not enough for your trip, might as well prepare for the next question. How will you finance your trip? Show proof that you have savings, if any. Or if you are going to be sponsored, get the information from your sponsors. Know what they do for a living and get necessary supporting documents like bank statements, job certificate, tax details etc. Do you have relatives in the USA? Sometimes, it would help if you have photos with you to further prove your claim. Do you have friends in the USA? What are their exact addresses? Try to get their exact addresses before the interview. Review the information before you go to the interview and always come prepared esp if you mentioned about them on your online application. I strongly encourage that you spend time chatting and interviewing your relatives and friends in the US if the purpose of your visit is to meet them. It will really help you to become more confident in front of the consul. As I have said, get as much information because the consul would like to know if you are just making up stories. Expect to be bombarded with questions. Do you have plans of working in the USA? Otherwise, you might get deported and will never see US soil once again. Have you already booked your plane tickets? Flight ticket is not a requirement! Have you travelled to other countries before? Everything can be validated easily and they have the means to check if you are telling the truth. How can you assure that you will come back home? Show the letter from your employer, if you have any. If you have businesses that you currently take care of, explain it. These consuls are trained to know if you are lying, so always have the best intentions if you are going to the USA. We want you to have clear records so you can travel the world without facing challenges in the future. If you need further help with your US Visa application, contact me here. Philipines girl dating in uae

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  3. Why do you plan to travel at this time? Otherwise, you might get deported and will never see US soil once again. In pj, can meet anywhere in kl.

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