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Plus size girl dating website

I am 5 foot 2 inches tall, a UK size 18 and I wear a J cup bra. I certainly do not have the lithe, athletic body type traditionally seen in the aerial arts. I have been training in aerial for almost two years, starting with trapeze, and recently adding aerial hoop to my schedule. I have met some wonderful people, learnt some cool tricks, performed in front of a paying audience just once! Instead I had to take a deep breath, kick up my heels and hope for the best, I figured the worst that could happen was falling off. In the last couple of years I have learnt a few things, so this is the article I wish I had been able to find before I took my first class. Some folks are strong and others might be flexible, some people might have excellent spatial awareness and always know where they are in the air, while others might be graceful and dancerly when they execute moves. I am fairly flexible and I am proud of how close my splits are getting to the ground and how flat my back can get in a straddle stretch. On the other hand, knowing which leg to bend or which way to roll in the air will always be tricky for me. For me, I had to accept that strength was something I would build gradually. Some moves click right away with my classmates but have been a mammoth task for me, and others I have got into first time and wondered what all the fuss was about. It is tempting to want to compare yourself to the really talented girl who makes advanced tricks look as natural as walking, to the young kid with bags of energy, or worst, to the person who is at a similar level to you will they just zoom right past and leave you in the dust? Despite my good intentions, I always got a little excited when a new person joined the class. In reality though, everyone finds things difficult. When you start comparing yourself with the others in the class or online, or wherever it squashes the fun out of the things you can do, the achievements you have made and the excitement for your next goal. I found being spotted especially intimidating. Sometimes I needed pushing or boosting to get into the trapeze and I was afraid that my weight would make it hard work or even painful for my teachers. A good aerial teacher will be experienced in the right way to spot, support and lift their learners and will always make sure you are safe, without hurting themselves. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Lots of different types of people come to aerial classes and we are all there to have fun and learn new tricks. I have never felt weird and out of place at aerial class. I have even had a go at some doubles and triples moves with my classmates. Role Models Can Give You A Boost Back when I started I was constantly on the lookout for advice online from more experienced aerialists, but what I found was more often geared to advanced or professional level performers, and I never really saw anyone like me. I really found my aerial role models when I started posting my pictures on Instagram. I found that there was a whole community of plus size aerialists of every skill level regularly posting pictures and videos of their progress, sharing their triumphs and celebrating each other. I now follow heaps of aerialists on Instagram but my favourites are always my plus size comrades. Seeing other bigger folks owning it on the trapeze, hoop, silks or rope not to mention plus size polers! One of the things that was an unexpected joy for me was seeing the beautiful shapes and poses that bring out the best in bigger bodies. Everyone Has Down Days Trapeze and aerial hoop have been an awesome adventure for me. Coming to class helps me to blow away the stress of the week in a breeze of endorphins, flow, and wonderful people. It happens to everyone. Plus size folks, and especially fat women, can sometimes feel pressure to always be upbeat ugh, jolly! I feel this pressure is pretty unfair. If you need to take a break and come back feeling refreshed, do it. Remember that everyone has periods where they suddenly seem to master fifty things at once and periods where it seems like progress is very slow. In reality, that never happened in the almost two years I have been going to classes, but other things about my body did begin to change. Gradually I got stronger, more flexible, and less clumsy. Moves that were totally out of my reach gradually became favourites I enjoyed every week. I inched slowly towards my gains, but I made them. Before aerial, I used to spend a lot of time looking critically in the mirror and wishing that my belly was smaller and my boobs were perkier. I may not have any less junk in my trunk but now my trunk can do some amazing things, and I want more. I find I am much more excited these days by what my body can, or might be able to do than by the possibility of losing a couple of inches from my waist. People are taught to think: We are so often encouraged to wait, to put off happiness, enjoyment and fun, but why should you? Get out there and enjoy an aerial class today! I hope this blog has encouraged you to put aside your doubts and join the ranks of the aerialist community, whether you are plus sized or otherwise. Come hang with us! Plus size girl dating website

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