Sexy girls in jeeps. Are You 18+?.

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Sexy Girls, Nice Jeeps & Cool Trucks

Jamie My hubby finally made his choices. He is so cute. He blushes every time I ask or mention anything about it. And he wrote down his choices instead of showing me… Shawn You are awesome, and what you are doing for women is awesome! I felt so beautiful and sexy today! Thank you so much! Bethann Celeste is without a doubt the best in pin up photography… From prop setup to lighting to the finished product, Celeste is perfection. Add in a talented team of hair and makeup and what you get is authentic, gorgeous pictures. Ann As far as I am concerned, every woman should experience a day at the studio with these women as it does more for your self esteem than weeks at the gym! She does an incredible thing turning everyday girls into totally bettys! It is something I will treasure for ever!!!! Maureen My husband absolutely loved the pictures! He says he keeps them in his wall locker so that every time he opens it, he sees me. Courtney I thank you so much for your time and for making me feel like a movie star if just for a day. You were all great!!!!! Margaret Whenever I look at pictures of a photo shoot with Celeste, it always makes me remember all of the fun I had on those days. Mayumi For just one day, I was a model, celebrity, a beauty queen. It was an awesome feeling and an amazing experience. Maureen Shooting with Celeste gave me the kick in the ass I needed to feel good about myself again. Samantha Thank you for such a good experience. This was a really scary thing for me to do — I was terrified to do this, and you made me feel so comfortable. Donna I love your work and I love how you work. I really felt like I hung out with some friends when I was at your home; and I felt like I was representin for the average plus size pin-up of color. Nakia I have been raving about my day with you girls. I never dreamed it would be more than I hoped it would but it truly surpassed all expectations and hopes! Thank you again for a truly amazing day Amy I did my pin-up over a year ago and it was such an amazing experience! My fiance was completely blown away with his birthday gift and said that he would never be able to top it! Possibly one of the best days of my life! Thank you so much for this gift. You and your staff are the best!!

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  2. He says he keeps them in his wall locker so that every time he opens it, he sees me. How do I know this?

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  4. Mayumi For just one day, I was a model, celebrity, a beauty queen. Please tell us why either way on this one also.

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