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It was a really strange feeling with so little changed in 50 years. We were invited inside and met some disabled children, so I felt that my Dad would have been pleased that the house was still being used to care for children. Thelma For Photographs of then and now - see ''Branch Photo'' page. They never met their new brother Peter as he was adopted and died aged 18 just after D day. My Mother and Ted are still with us. Her sister was in Ichneil. Mum cannot recall the name of the boys houses. Outside the school was Stevenson where they would go to recuperate from any illness, or to stay should they not have anyone to take them for the 3 week summer holiday. Mum also attended choir practice there as she was in the Orphanage choir. I bieleve they recorded a version of the "Oveleltinies" song. The choir also travelled to London to sing at the Lord mayors show, and Birmingham and Manchester for a choir contest where they sang Nymphs and Shepherds. Mum also played in the ladies cricket team. The choir was led by Sister Jenns. Mr Salt was the baker. Below are the first four verses of a song the pupils sang and the first line of verse five. Can anyone complete it? Mum left Princess Alice in aged Princess Alice - Song This time next week where shall we be? If I am I''ll scream and kick, tear my nightie up in bits. No more dirty greasy spuds, no more cabbages full of slugs. No more treacle full of flies, no more sermons full of lies. When we get to New Street Station, soon to smell the bread and bacon. When we get to our house door hugs and kisses and a thousand more. Jelly, scones and cake for tea, oh how happy we will be. When our jolly three weeks are over, back to the Orphanage we must? When we get to the Orphanage gate, tea is over your too late. No talking when you go to bed, just laying wishing you were dead. Morning comes and where are we, still in this old misery. Piece of scrape, dose of castor oil, the way we start our daily toil. Line up for inspection when work is done, then in the yard for fresh air and fun. In the playground what do we see, grinning faces around me. And how are you? All the better for seeing you. Amy, Mary, Jill, Dot and Joan , in our misery we are not alone. Not allowed to kiss and hug, must not pass on any bug. If you could contact me either by email or over the phone my name is Andrew Long my home number is I wuld be really grateful if you could help. Many Thanks Malmesbury House, St. Life in the NCH was not a very good experience for me. I hated the place! I was classified as 'maladjusted' and that was certainly true. I never liked or got on with the Governor and did my utmost to be as awkward as possible. He always tried to force me into cricket, football and other sports but I'd have none of it. I hate those sports to this day! I excelled at swimming which was not allowed at first, so I nipped off to the Avon river whenever I fancied a dip. The only thing I can thank him for was when he enrolled me, without consulting me, in the Hastings Sea Cadet Corps. I took to it immediately and that started me on a career that spanned fifty years in the Merchant Navy. Through hard work and determination I became a Captain, specialising in Ocean Towing. I have over thirtyfive years of command experience and have been to most places in the world I wanted to visit, with the exception of New Zealand and Burma. I am now semi-retired and live China. I work occasionally as a Marine Consultant. Much of my free time is now spent teaching Chinese kids English. Some of the staff I remember: Sister Edna Crother, Avonlea. Whom I liked most of all the sisters. After the move to Hasting there were five family groups. I can't remember the names of the two new families! I also remember some of the kids who were there in my time. I recall two brothers whom I think had a similar name to Roberson! Both of these kids somehow became bald and had to wear wigs. I can give a list of the kids I remember if required. Stainsbridge house, which I've visited several times over the years, is now a retirement home. I visited Malmesbury House once, maybe twenty years ago. Due to my mother remarrying. I reverted to my real name when I joined the Merchant Navy. Best regards to all. Life in Care Hello I grew up in care from the age of Every member of staff has a place in my heart, as they have always told me that they will never replace me family they are just looking after me for them. I could never ask for better people in the world to come into my life they did. I am stick of people make out children in care are "naughty" and if they are in residential they are bad. I so surprised to see a email from Phil Doherty asking if anyone could recall being in the home the same time as himself, brothers and sister. Michelle was in flat 3 Miss Elaine looked after her. Michelle used to go to school with your Vicent and I used to be in the same class at primary school as your Mike Kingsley. I have happy and sad memeories of my time in Newton Hall. Some of the happy times were the August summer Holidays to Blackpool in the Church Halls and the fete day think that was in May The Sad times was missing my mum so much, My mum had a Nervous Breakdown hence us being put into care. My mum did get better and we all left Newton Hall to live with her in 81 in Manchester. Michelle as some Photos of Vicent and Mike playing in the circle in the summer. Please feel free to email me and I can forward them on to you. Also if anyone else remembers myself or Michelle please email. Keep Smiling Sonia Baker: I had been a pupil at Dunvant Junior School and remember having a really close friend from Killay House, in my class about , I had forgotten about those enjoyable months many years ago. At school I was very friendly with a girl living in Killay House, we were best buddies in class and I think her 'blond' sister was a year ahead, she was the senior prefect. I cannot recall their names just now. The sentence about going to homes of friends caught my eye in particular because I remember very clearly how I wanted to invite my friend to my birthday party, my father had a car and would pick her up. She came back saying she would not be allowed to leave Killay House not even if I invited her sister as well. My mother wrote to the person in charge but she was told it was not the policy to let the children go to outside homes to parties, as it would not be fair to those children who had not been invited. We were bitterly disappointed and I just went to the Odeon with my family instead of having a party. Soon afterwards my family moved to Brynmill and I went to Brynmill School. Situations similar to this have cropped up in my life and I've always wondered if it had been the correct decision. I was very pleased to see this policy relaxed later on and the children were able to visit outside homes. I think the Headmaster was Mr. Rees then, he lived a few houses from Peters the bakery. Iorworth, I think I was one of his first babies he delivered 2 boys and me the 1 girl!!!! Thanks Clive, for the memories, I'll have to think back and see if I can remember more of those happy days. I was in Flat 10 with Sister Thornton, I don't really remember to much but reading some of the stuff started to bring back memories I had thought where truly gone for good, actually had me close to tears, and I NEVER cry. I remembered the Medical pictures being taken, the wooden floors in the main building at the front to the left of the entrance going in to HO, I remember the big tree's in the middle. I remember on open day maybe in ? I got stabbed in the eye from some gut who threw a tent pole and I went to Luton hospital for surgery, Lucky I kept my sight. There was a House dog, a boxer called Kim I believe that was put to sleep because it bit the Collie upstairs in flat 9, and I remember coming Home after school Manland and was told that Kim had gone to Dog heaven, That destroyed me,as I still think of that dog. I look forward to hearing from you. Sketty girl

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  1. He returned to Canada upon the hospital ship Araquoyon in September of Jelly, scones and cake for tea, oh how happy we will be.

  2. She also attends church three out of four weeks. This my sister Jillian on the right at a revisit to Newton Hall around

  3. I spent a lot of time playing with the other kids and remember the Sundays were we used to play cricket in the circle.

  4. She did a wonderful job and I shall always be grateful for what Nora meant to me. I would like to thank the following for looking after my dad. Any one recognise the location within Newton Hall?

  5. I am now semi-retired and live China. Had a strange affection for Scarlett, the race horse. That's me second on the right with my head turned away.

  6. I remember visiting Joan and Harry Gabriel and staying at their home in Waunarlwydd up until , when they moved to Bishopston.

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