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Things Girls Say On Their Period

Something witty to say to a girl

Please welcome Patrick King. Namely, creating a fun and exciting interaction that just makes girls enjoy talking to you. If you take out the wacky improv comedy context, what you end up with are just incredibly insightful rules for amazing conversations. Without further ado, here are three ways that you will never run out of things to say to girls using improv comedy techniques. This preserves a flow, keeps them interested in the conversation at hand, and makes interactions as smooth as butter. Instead of throwing your conversation partner off and telling that person that you want to talk about something else, you carry that person deeper into the topic of their choice by talking about it and adding to it. This highlights your intelligence, but it also highlights your emotional engagement. An added bonus is that you make your conversation partner feel extremely heard and validated, and that just makes them enjoy talking to you even more. Recall that improv is about accomplishing a shared goal. This requires flow, working together, and accepting what other people bring to the table regardless of what it is. Your agenda and shared goal is simply to create an environment where you can get the other person to trust you and make them feel that you are a friend. A great conversation has a million different directions, and you must be open to all of them. The recipient of the question ends up having to do a lot of work. Answering an open-ended question like that takes a lot of mental work. The more open-ended the question, the more work is involved. How do you really answer that question of what you do for fun, anyway? Uh… I like to go running sometimes and watch movies. No one really has an answer to that in their pocket. Instead of feeling that they are equal partners in keeping the conversation going and contributing to a flow of easy information, they feel overburdened. They feel that the conversation has become imbalanced. Eventually, it becomes more of a chore rather something enjoyable. Very specific questions are easier to answer because they often only require one piece of information. This is good news because when people are prompted to supply this piece of information, the person asking can then contribute to follow up on that question or with a statement. Another advantage of specific questions is they allow you to direct a conversation depending on the specific answers given. Rule of Improv Comedy 3 — Talk about history, philosophy, or metaphor One of the most powerful techniques you can adopt from improv comedy is HPM. HPM is like a mental template you can use in the best and worst of situations. HPM stands for history, philosophy and metaphor. These are multiple angles that you can take with any kind of conversation to add renewed life to a conversation. You can address the history, philosophy, or metaphor of almost anything that was just said. The best part about each component of HPM is that they are universal, and are incredibly fertile grounds for conversation. Everyone has an HPM on just about every topic, and just by saying it loud you galvanize others to bring up their own HPM. The history angle is when you talk about what your conversation partner said in a personal way and relate it back to something that happened to you — your personal history. I am talking about personal philosophy, beliefs, and opinions. The philosophy angle is where you demonstrate how you feel about something, for better or worse. The stronger you feel about something, the more this engenders additional conversation. It also just makes you appear witty and clever to link unrelated elements together like metaphors usually do. When you use HPM correctly, you will never run out of things to say, ever. Something witty to say to a girl

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