Sweetest words to tell your girlfriend. 100+ Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend.

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The Sweetest Things A Boyfriend Can Say

Sweetest words to tell your girlfriend

I Am Best with You If sixty seconds would ever make a minute, And 24 hours would make a day, I want to spend it all with you throughout the year. I am best with you. They are so sweet that you which you make them into a big candy, as big as a big fat hen. How I promised to write it in the sky and show it to the whole world? How I have promised to write lovely poems and quotes to proof it? You see, I just discovered that all I would do can't quantify your love for me. You really got me thinking. You're in every of my deeds and thoughts You're always in my heart and I can't stop thinking about you. Can You Feel My Heart? A part of me was missing until you came. If only you can feel my mind, You'll know how awesome it is having you in there. Thanks for being mine. My heart in yours, and yours in mine, That's all that matters, to make love undying. I'm loving you forever. I just ran a check on my heart, And it's beating terribly All because I'm missing you. By the ecstasy your love brought, I hope to live with you till I take my last breath. I love you and me. I keep relishing the rapturous moments your presence in my life has wrought so far And just when I thought it would end, your love says it's just beginning. I've got all I've desired, more than all I wanted and asked for. Thanks for giving your love. You love rocks, you know! Thanks for giving it all. A guru In breaking hearts But never succeeded in mending any. It's a life I enjoyed Until your love captivated me. I'm changed for the better, And it's your love that called the shots! Thanks for saving me. With your love, my soul is awakened. By your love, I'm energetic to reach for more of life. Through your love, I've peace, plus everything I need out of life And then I asked, what more should I ask for, than to savour it while I live. Your Love is real, I love you. And when I look at you, I see them coming true. Would You Give Me More? I want more, more of your touch, More, more, of your untold care. I need more, more of your love Will you give me more, more is all I need. Even though I have enough, I still need more of you! I love you, you know it right? And my instinct has been right, Since I gave you a place inside my heart. Your Love is true, your kind is rare. Glad I got all I ever wanted when I let you in. I'll treasure the union forever, Because I'll love you forever. My heart beats in awe Guess it's same with you. I knew I would have it all When my heart met yours. The union is sacred, Yes, the love is real It's worth being celebrated And we'll take it a day at a time! And then I remember what your love brought Unabashed vigour, strength untold I guess they don't know now, That I'm in love with you. I love you because you love me too. The Truth Be Told This is true love redefined. Here comes care unabashed. The truth be told to those who wish to know That our love has come to stay, To stay until the world cease to be. Ecstasy here, rhythmic tunes there No matter where you are, there I want to be. Do you love me? I love you too! You are that perfect match for the vacuum in my heart. I can't even imagine someone else taking your place. You are my chosen one. I can't tell how much you mean to me. I'm loving you forever dear. If I hadn't met you, I wouldn't have known what it really means to be in love. You are simply love personified And I'm in you. I won't stop loving you. I don't need a boat to carry me through either. I don't even want to swim through. I just want to dive in and enjoy the coolness of your love forever, for that's what true enjoyment means to me. Then you deserve to send the romantic messages on this page to your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. This means I can't fall for anyone anymore. I wish you know how happy this makes me feel. You are the one with whom I pray to spend the rest of my life, because only with you is life meaningful. I love you forever. All that comes to my mind is you. Love is not just a word but a person. Love is you and me. Love began when we met and has no end. You are my love. No matter how much of your love you shower on me, I'll never have enough of it. I desire you like air. Without you, my life is empty. I love you more than I can express, dear. Not just anyone, but someone who has a particular receptor for it. Into your hearing I want to whisper it baby. How deep I've gone with your love, How far you've driven me and how high your love has taken me. I feel like the strongest human ever lived since you came into my heart. Whenever I'm about to be discouraged and I remember I have you, I feel renewed in my spirit. That's how I know, as long as you remain in my heart, I can do that which seems impossible. Forever, I love you. And to a place where no one matters aside you. With you and just you alone, my life is made. You are of immeasurable value to me. I can't leave you for the world. Your Love Keeps Promising More The happiness we've shared so far is nothing compared to the one that is yet to come. Sweetest words to tell your girlfriend

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  1. I would still be grateful for the memories. I did what every horrible person would do, I neglected you and blame you for my problems. We love the same books.

  2. You are such a good woman that you truly deserve the best the world has to offer. When I am not thinking of you, I am dreaming of you.

  3. Hear my love roar! Whatever our destiny dictates, I know in my heart that you are meant for me. Came as a total surprise but I love it!

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