Dual system of education

We live in a world where a phenomenon has happened. Thanks to the Internet we suffered several impacts and changes on the market. The thing is that the first time in the history of the market, it is developing faster than people and peoples skills.

What are the consequences?

First of all, we are facing the most frequent diseases of modern time unemployment or according to French “le chomage.” We are mentioning French because they are the one who among first started to talk about human right s and the rights of the worker itself. Everything started a long ago in the XVIII century, but we must notice that it seems like they predicted the future. Today, we have a problem because we have developed machines, computers, and devices and we have on the other hand a large number of uneducated or not skilled enough workers. It is like we are losing a battle from our product. That product is beating us.

Internet impact

How to stop this problem?

First of all, every country needs to adapt its educational system to its market. After thorough research of the market, it needs to revise the system and to add new professions in schools or to remove others not necessary ones. No matter how hard this looks like, it is the only way. If you want to eradicate the unemployment you need to follow this concept.

What countries have already applied this system?

Among the first, it was Switzerland and Germany. They did the research and realized that they need more medical staff. They wanted to attract their youth population to study medicine. Unfortunately, they encountered some troubles. Most of their young population wast interested in studies. Therefore, lot medicine workers were allowed to come to Germany and work. Every developed country intends to synchronize the market with its educational system. It is the only way to accomplish goals and beat the competition. If you get along with the nature and the nature of the market, you will never suffer any loss. That is the key of every successful system.