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Background[ edit ] Japan had sought to expand its imperial control over Taiwan formerly known as "Highland nation" Japanese: Takasago Koku since , when Toyotomi Hideyoshi undertook a policy of overseas expansion and extending Japanese influence southward. In , the Tokugawa Shogunate sent Harunobu Arima on an exploratory mission of the island. In , Murayama Toan led an unsuccessful invasion of the island. They had a conflict with local Paiwan aborigines and many were killed. In May , Japanese diplomats arrived in Beijing and put forward their claims, but the Qing government immediately rejected Japanese demands on the ground that the Kingdom of Ryukyu at that time was an independent state and had nothing to do with Japan. The Japanese refused to leave and asked if the Chinese government would punish those "barbarians in Taiwan". Thus could not be directly regulated. The Qing dynasty made it clear to the Japanese that Taiwan was definitely within Qing jurisdiction, even though part of that island's aboriginal population was not yet under the influence of Chinese culture. The Qing also pointed to similar cases all over the world where an aboriginal population within a national boundary was not under the influence of the dominant culture of that country. In May , the Qing dynasty began to send in troops to reinforce the island. By the end of the year, the government of Japan decided to withdraw its forces after realizing Japan was still not ready for a war with China. Both governments were to send representatives to Taiwan immediately after signing to begin the transition process, which was to be completed in no more than two months. Because Taiwan was ceded by treaty, the period that followed is referred to by some as the "colonial period", while others who focus on the fact that it was the culmination of a war refer to it as the "occupation period". The cession ceremony took place on board a Japanese vessel because the Chinese delegate feared reprisal from the residents of Taiwan. The men and women are inofficious and are not passionate either. Arriving in Taiwan, the new Japanese colonial government gave inhabitants two years to choose whether to accept their new status as Japanese subjects, or leave Taiwan. During this period, popular resistance to Japanese rule was high, and the world questioned whether a non-Western nation such as Japan could effectively govern a colony of its own. An session of the Japanese Diet debated whether to sell Taiwan to France. Japan's approach to ruling Taiwan could be roughly divided into two views. Thus, Japan would have to follow the British approach, and Taiwan would never be governed exactly the same way as the Home Islands but would be governed under a whole new set of laws. The opposing viewpoint was held by future Prime Minister Hara Takashi , who believed that the Taiwanese and Koreans were similar enough to the Japanese to be fully absorbed into Japanese society, and was thus in favor of using the same legal and governmental approaches on the colonies as those used in the Home Islands. During this period, the colonial government was authorized to pass special laws and edicts, while wielding complete executive, legislative, and military power. With this absolute power, the colonial government moved to maintain social stability, while suppressing dissent. World events during this period, such as World War I , would drastically alter the perception of colonialism in the Western world, and give rise to growing waves of nationalism amongst colonial natives, as well as the ideas of self determination. As a result, colonial governments throughout the world began to make greater concessions to natives, and colonial governance was gradually liberalized. The new policy was formally announced in October In the process, local governance was instituted, as well as an elected advisory committee which included locals though strictly in an advisory capacity , and the establishment of a public school system. Caning was forbidden as a criminal punishment, and the use of the Japanese language was rewarded. This contrasted sharply with the mostly hands off approach taken by previous administrations towards local affairs, where the only government concerns were "railways, vaccinations , and running water ". Even after Formosa had been ceded to Japan by the Qing dynasty , it still attracted many Chinese immigrants after the concession. Taiwanese also had seats in House of Peers. Democracy was introduced in response to Taiwanese public opinion. Local assemblies were established in Dates shown indicate the approximate year that the Japan gained control of the highlighted territories. With the rise of militarism in Japan in the mid-to-late s, the office of Governor-General was again held by military officers, and Japan sought to use resources and material from Taiwan in the war effort. To this end, the cooperation of the Taiwanese would be essential, and the Taiwanese would have to be fully assimilated as members of Japanese society. As part of the movement, the Colonial Government began to strongly encourage locals to speak the Japanese language, wear Japanese clothing , live in Japanese-style houses, and convert to Shintoism. In , laws were also passed advocating the adoption of Japanese names. With the expansion of the Pacific War , the government also began encouraging Taiwanese to volunteer for the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy in , and finally ordered a full scale draft in In the meantime, laws were made to grant Taiwanese membership in the Japanese Diet, which theoretically would qualify a Taiwanese person to become the premier of Japan eventually. Coal production dropped from , metric tons to 15, metric tons. As the highest colonial authority in Taiwan during the period of Japanese rule, the Office of the Governor-General of Taiwan was headed by a Governor-General of Taiwan appointed by Tokyo. Power was highly centralized with the Governor-General wielding supreme executive, legislative, and judicial power, effectively making the government a dictatorship. Home Affairs, Army, and Navy. The Home Affairs Bureau was further divided into four offices: Internal Affairs, Agriculture, Finance, and Education. Following reforms in , , and the Home Affairs Bureau gained three more offices: General Affairs, Judicial, and Communications. This configuration would continue until the end of colonial rule. The Japanese colonial government was responsible for building harbors and hospitals as well as constructing infrastructure like railroads and roads. By the Japanese expanded the roads by 4, kilometers, in comparison with the kilometers that existed before the Japanese occupation. The Japanese government invested a lot of money in the sanitation system of the island. These campaigns against rats and unclean water supplies, contributed to a decrease of diseases such as cholera and malaria. Governor-General of Taiwan Throughout the period of Japanese rule, the Office of the Governor-General remained the de facto central authority in Taiwan. Formulation and development of governmental policy was primarily the role of the central or local bureaucracy. In the 50 years of Japanese rule from to , Tokyo dispatched nineteen Governors-General to Taiwan. On average, a Governor-General served about 2. The entire colonial period can be further divided into three periods based on the background of the Governor-General: During their tenures, the Colonial Government devoted most of its resources to economic and social development rather than military suppression. Taiwan girl hot

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  1. Several forts testify to the city's role as the administrative center of colonial empires. It will only get worse.

  2. Following reforms in , , and the Home Affairs Bureau gained three more offices: Your shitty attitude about Taiwan turns people away obviously.

  3. Not only are the winters cold, but it can rain for weeks on end, each day 24 hours of absolute misery.

  4. That's an indicator of how fucked up things are there, as the negative qualities of Western culture start to take over. Furthermore, it's very hard to vibe with Taiwanese girls if you are not on their small minded, shallow, narrow, insular wavelength.

  5. How do you vibe with such unnatural personalities? Why should I be positive if my experiences are not positive and instead I am treated like shit?

  6. Taiwan is not an intellectual culture. Google "Seattle Freeze" and you will get tons of hits about it.

  7. So you are either inconvenienced with no parking spaces, or you have to take a dangerous risk with your life on a scooter. Deep conversation and spirituality is abnormal in Taiwan unless you are in a Buddhist monastery. A block of housing across from a park in Taichung.

  8. Any criticism will get you ostracized even if you have no social life there anyway and vilified. I may be critical, yes, but I am fair and accurate. How else can you explain why some cultures like Taiwan and Japan are so repressed, uptight and miserable, with high suicide rates, while other countries like Mexico, Latin America, Spain, Greece, Italy, etc.

  9. Even after Formosa had been ceded to Japan by the Qing dynasty , it still attracted many Chinese immigrants after the concession.

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