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Techno girl

Many demons of Limbo including S'ym and N'Astirh. The infection was started by Magus , who was hunting his son. Cable , previously infected with Apocalypse's variant, has cured himself. Since Cable and Deadpool 12, Cable lives in symbiosis with an infant Phalanx. X-Sanction 4, Cable is purged of this virus too and newly regenerated into human form by his daughter Hope Summers. Hope , a young girl who is friends with Warlock. While the techno-organic virus did not affect her, she had no control over the virus and would infect others by touch. Hope could even infect inorganic material, something the Transmode Virus is usually incapable of doing. Paradigm , a mutant with technokinesis , who was infected by the Phalanx. He is a member of the third group of Hellions. Eli Bard , an immortal vampire -like mutate who absorbed the virus from an offspring of Magus. Thunderbird and his entire ancestral Apache tribe, resurrected and infected by Eli Bard. Caliban , resurrected and infected by Eli Bard, used by Selene to detect and locate other deceased mutants to resurrect. The entirety of the deceased mutant population of Genosha resurrected and infected by Selene in her attempt to become a god during the storyline Necrosha. Red Hulk was briefly infected with the virus by Cable, but was able to cure himself by superheating his body and burning it out of his system. Characteristics[ edit ] It was believed that this strain of techno-organic virus was either created by Apocalypse or discovered by Apocalypse on board the Ship. This virus was actually created by Mister Sinister as a means of killing Apocalypse. This attempt failed due to Apocalypse's immense powers, and the virus fell into Apocalypse's hands. Apocalypse later used the virus to infect the infant Cable. The virus has many similarities to the Transmode Virus and the two may be closely related. This strain of virus is less virulent than its counterpart, needing blood contact to transmit, and usually taking a longer time to infect a person, although it can have sudden short bursts of activity, during which spikes of techno-organic matter form from the diseased body and the body's parts change their forms. Another difference with the Transmode Virus is that infection is very painful and can incapacitate a person. Humans infected with this virus receive increased strength and the ability to directly interface with machinery. While infected material can change its shape, it is unknown whether a fully infected person is capable of shapeshifting Apocalypse can, but he already had this power before being infected. Known carriers[ edit ] Apocalypse , who was infected with the techno-organic blood of a time-traveling Cable. Gaunt, a warlord from the future. He carried a less virulent version of the techno-organic virus, but Cable infected him with the more powerful strain, paralyzing him with pain. Gaunt was killed shortly afterwards. Post , who received a blood transfusion from Cable. Cable , who cured himself in Cable Other versions[ edit ] In Exiles , a team of interdimensional heroes visited a world that had become horribly stricken with a new type of T-O virus. In this reality, Doug Ramsey had fallen ill with the Legacy Virus , and his friend Warlock was endeavoring to help him. In trying to heal Doug, Warlock infected him with the T-O virus, but the two viruses combined and formed a new and deadly disease. This version is capable of infecting mutants and the world's hero population was quickly subsumed by the new race of Vi-locks, led by Forge. Blink , the team's leader, was also infected, but the timely arrival of Odin and the Aesir saved the day. Some of the top scientists derive a serum from the blood of the Norse gods and it effectively combatted the disease. In the Age of Apocalypse , Apocalypse also created a techno-organic virus, one capable of assimilating both organic and technological materials, going as far as merging two separate beings into one body. Techno girl

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  1. In this reality, Doug Ramsey had fallen ill with the Legacy Virus , and his friend Warlock was endeavoring to help him.

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  3. Red Hulk was briefly infected with the virus by Cable, but was able to cure himself by superheating his body and burning it out of his system. If any part of these new terms or any future change to these terms is not acceptable, Artists may request that we remove their materials from our website by contacting us.

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