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Top 10 Romantic Nicknames for Girls

The best nickname for a girl

Ash also canonically nicknamed his Pokemon but never uses them. While Okabe of Steins Gate likes referring to himself as "Kyouma Hououin" and gives nicknames to his assistants , his childhood friend gives him one that's more to this trope. Probably flips the switch from embarrassing to affectionate in Episode Are you alright, Bunny? Yoriko from Haiyore Nyarko San refers to Mahiro as "Hiro-kun"; this is just one of several cute little affectations that makes it hard to believe she's his mother rather than an older sister. Even Grandpa eventually starts addressing him as Goe-Goe. When Goku meets and befriends Android 8, he has trouble pronouncing his name and simply calls him "Eighter" "Hacchan", in Japanese. In the original version of Yu-Gi-Oh! Meaning that they regard Judai as a Big Brother Mentor. A rough translation of her actual name; he tends to speak English most of the time. This becomes important later when Ui tries to sub in for a sick Yui and fools her peers for a little while. Azusa's test was to have her call her by her nickname. Ui gets it wrong, as Azusa never told her what it was when complaining about it. It's made up of the first syllable of each number in her name: Hachi 8 , Nana 7 , and Yon 4. Kouha shortens his brother's Kouen and Koumei's names to "En" and "Mei". And some of Sinbad's generals call him "Sin". Ugo's real name was Uraltugo but all his friends call him Ugo. Future Card Buddyfight has Qinus Axia, a dragon wizard who starts calling Gao and Drum who he seems to be attracted to "Gaowow" and "Drumkins" respectively after Drum saves his life. In Fullmetal Alchemist , Colonel Badass Roy Mustang refers to his hand-selected subordinates by the names of chess pieces. It's partly a private code, partly an inside joke, and partly this trope. Miku Izayoi refers to Shido Itsuka as "Darling", being the only man she respects. Both Funimation's sub and dub use "Tenny" instead. Likewise, he also calls Shirasu "Shiro-nii". That nickname was intially an insult that Izuku's former friend Katsuki used to belittle him, but Ochaco came to use the name after a misunderstanding, thinking it sounded encouraging. This completely changed Izuku's outlook on that name, to the point he decided to adopt it as his superhero alias; while Katsuki looked angry about that, Ochaco was very touched. Similarly, Izuku still refers to Katsuki by his childhood nickname "Kacchan", which Katsuki seems to tolerate without objection. Momo Yaoyozoru gets affectionately referred to as "Yaomomo" by her classmates. Yugi calls Yami "mou hitori no boku" meaning "the other me" or "my other half" and Yami calls him "aibou" the meaning can range from "partner" to "loved one" - although that would required a different kanji writing. Himiko always calls Kurama "Tori-san" "Mr. Bird" in the Mashin Hero Wataru Series. Given who the Joker is , Batman likely doesn't enjoy being called that. His daughter Talia usually calls him "Beloved. Colossus often calls Katherine "Kitty" Pryde " Katya ". When he broke off their teen romance after the Secret Wars , he made a point of calling her "Kitty". His sister, Illyana also calls Kitty "Katya" Colossus also calls his sister "Snowflake". Wolverine liked to call his good friend Nightcrawler "Elf" in a slightly ironic fashion. Kitty Pryde preferred the more cutesy "Fuzzy-Elf". Wolverine, "Wolvie" to many of his friends, is also known for addressing Charles Xavier as "Charley" and "Chuck" to the latter's annoyance Jean Grey as "Jeannie" or "Red", though he's not he only one to use that, and Cyclops as "Cyke", depending on his current mood and opinion of him. Speaking of Cyclops, Beast used to call him "Slim. Gambit has quite a few of them, usually for women, all in French. Most famously he refers to Rogue as Chere. X 23 and Jubilee share the name Petit. Scott actually accepts this nickname whole-heartedly, and even refers to himself as such when talking with her sometimes, especially whenever they're being lovey-dovey. Lois Lane has been known to call Clark Kent "Smallville", initially as a form of derision, later as a term of endearment. In Supergirl Rebirth , Alura calls her daughter Kara -the titular heroine- "Karanizu", a Kryptonian term of endearment. On the one hand, she has used it to refer to other guys in the past and it was part of her early Totally Radical persona. On the other, it becomes associated with Peter exclusively pretty quickly and only she is allowed to call him that. In the s she also sometimes called him "Brown-Eyes". Mockingbird often calls her former husband Hawkeye by the name "Sport" when the two are currently together, which originally started off as a general term of endearment for any guy she was working with. Clint, meanwhile, calls her "Birdie", as a shortened form of her name. Please note she is a vengeful space goddess Genius Bruiser. He gets away with this by being her Only Friend. Paulie from Circles always insists for everyone to refer to him as "Paulie". He got this nickname from his college days when he met his first love, Colin, and he was the first to call him "Paulie". Crimson Joe almost always refers to Alex as "bobo", which is Spanish for "silly". He tends to call Scarlet "red" or "rojita" because of her red head, but less often than he does with Alex. Green Arrow frequently calls his love interest Black Canary "pretty bird". Willie never calls Modesty anything other than "Princess", both out of affection and respect. Fan Works Michael Garcia of 7teen calls his son Jonesy "champ" an awful lot. However, only Lyira can call Louise Lou. Klavier refers to Apollo as "Schatzelein" "Treasure" , although he has issues with being called with endearments himself. Ebony dubs her "Legend", in reference to some legends of creatures that gave emotions their food freely to Changelings, just as Jessica had done to her. Meanwhile, Rarity dubs her "Mystery" and later "Luna's Melody" in an attempt to dissuade ponies from calling her " Foal-Hunter. But that is only the tip of the iceberg when coming to nicknames in general Pinkie Pie affectionately refers to Scootaloo as "Scooter-Roo". Wings To Fly has various characters using nicknames like "Boss" or "Skipper" for Lucrezia Noin, based on her well-known dislike of her first name. In an amusing contrast of military cultures , she doesn't actually know what "Skipper" means the first time she hears it. At least a dozen of these show up in Fist Of The Moon. Ranma alone is Red-chan, Ra-chan, Ma-chan, as well as the less affectionate Shadow Witch, and eponymous fist of the moon. Smith's given the nickname "Ice-eyes" because of his eye-color that Neo loves. Smith in return gives Neo the nickname of "Life" for saving him. Later, Smith gives Max Jameson the nickname of "Sun" because of his blond-hair. Bobby", though by the time of part 5 - Ghostry Hunting he's just Bobby. She chirps when she's happy. In Nightmares , Edward Elric takes to calling his lover, Rowan Mustang , Nightmare - a reference to both her name and his wet dreams about her. Brokosh once privately calls Ba'wov "chaparoy'li'", which translates from Klingonese as "my little songbird". Upon learning that her home region of Highever is technically a principality in Ferelden, he dubs her "Princess. They settle on a name of their own devising - Ladyhawk. She herself has her own Affectionate Nickname for the leader of the country, who happens to be her only living biological relative - "Fuhrer Grandfather, sir. The end note explains that Satsuki used to refer to herself "Big sister" or, more commonly, "Bigbig" when speaking to then baby Ryuuko but the aforementioned couldn't articulate that well so it came out as "Bihbi" and stuck, calling her that even as a teenager. In that line, we get Ryuuko who's referred to as either "Ryuu" "Munro", and, by Mankanshokus, "Maigo", although the latter is because they didn't know her name. In the Legend of Korra fanfic Book Five: Legends the young girl Fumiko is often shortened to just Miko, which highlights her being an Expy of the same name character from Transformers Prime. It starts as a sarcastic nickname but as the series progresses and their relationship improves, it takes a more affectionate tone. Janine calls Helen "little sis", and James gets the occasional "darling". John and James both call each other "old boy". Cake call each other "sugar plum" and "honey bun". It's Dalish for "my little heart," and it's the closest Mahanon can get to calling his fellow Inquisitor Victoria "my little sister" in that language. She, in turn, calls him "Nonny. Derpy refers to Dinky as "my little muffin", while Dinky and Scootaloo refer to their usual foalsitter Amethyst Star as Amy. Ace Attorney fanfiction that pairs up Phoenix with Iris tends to make him call her by nickname "Rissy". Alysanne is very fond of calling Kersea "Puppy". She later explains that this is because she sees her as exactly as cute and innocent as a puppy, though also just as weak. Leonard constantly calling Lucas by his last name "Flowers" has shades of this. It started off as a means of belittling them, though as their friendship grew, so did the meaning of the nickname Terroma is another major case of this, as he has nicknames for those especially close to him. More specifically he is fond of putting the words "Sweet", "Pretty" and especially "Little" in front of Ellena's and Raenna's names. In Pokemon Reset Bloodlines , Lorelei's boyfriend is fond of calling her "ice nymph". The best nickname for a girl

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  1. The winner of the show, year-old Tiffany "O'so Krispie" Baker, recorded with Watkins and Thomas on a new song, "I Bet", and perform it together in a live concert finale in Atlanta. They received less for each single sold. Reserved for the girl who shot you the arrow of love.

  2. John and James both call each other "old boy". Lopes was also battling alcoholism at the time. FanMail and members feud[ edit ] Preliminary work on TLC's third studio album was delayed when friction arose between the group and their main producer Dallas Austin , who was by this time dating Thomas and helping to raise their son Tron.

  3. In , Watkins and Thomas appeared in British pop group Stooshe 's music video for their cover version of "Waterfalls".

  4. In late , Vibe Magazine published a letter written by Lopes that challenged her groupmates Watkins and Thomas to all record solo albums and see which album performed the best: In Hard Eight , Clementine calls Sydney "captain", because, as she explains, he looks like a captain on a ship.

  5. This becomes important later when Ui tries to sub in for a sick Yui and fools her peers for a little while.

  6. Found all over the place in Skyhold Academy Yearbook. Butter Scotch Cute nickname for a girl with a mixed racial background. In the Circle Of Magic series, Briar often calls Tris the foster sister to whom he is closest due to their shared love of books Coppercurls, because of her curly red hair.

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