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Top 10 question to ask a girl

And a collection call from a persistent creditor can make a challenging financial situation all the more stressful. This federal law sets down a specific set of rules that third-party debt collectors must follow when contacting you about a debt that was sent to collections. Debts covered under this law include auto loans, medical bills and credit card bills. To help you understand your debt collection rights, here are 10 important rules a debt collector must follow when contacting you about an unpaid bill. Need Credit Repair Help? Whatever debt you may owe, you still have the right to a quiet morning and a quiet evening. No Calls at Work, Once You Request It Once you let a debt collector know not to contact you at work, they are legally required to stop doing so. You can inform the collection agency of this restriction either in writing or verbally. No Repeated or Continuous Calls Debt collectors may not call you numerous times a day about an unpaid debt. A debt collector may not use threatening or profane language when contacting you about a debt. No debt collection agency representative is allowed to falsely imply that you have committed a crime by failing to pay your debt. They may not call you names or verbally abuse you in any way, either. No Informing Friends, Neighbors, Coworkers or Family Members About a Debt A debt collector may contact people that know you, but only to find out your address, your phone number and where you work. In most cases, a debt collector may not tell anyone other than you, your spouse or your attorney that you owe money. No Collecting on a Debt Larger Than the Consumer Actually Owes Part of your debt collection rights are that a debt collector may not demand more money from you than you actually owe. When the debt collector sends you the written debt validation notice more on that later , it must include the specific amount they claim you owe. A debt collector cannot legally say or threaten that you owe more. No Dire Threats No one from a collection agency can threaten you in any way. This includes everything from threats of violence to taking property or having you arrested if you do not pay your debt. Debt collectors also may not threaten to sue you, unless they actually intend to file a lawsuit. If a debt collector or creditor does sue you to collect on what you owe and wins the lawsuit, the courts will likely enter a judgement against you. This will inform what you owe and allow the debt collection agency or creditor to garnish your wages. A Debt Collector Must Send Written Notice of Debts As we mentioned earlier, as part of the debt collection process, you must receive a statement outlining the specifics of your debt in collections. Within five days of contacting you, a debt collector must send you this written notice with the amount of money you owe and the name of the creditor. This notice also must explain what actions to take if you believe you do not owe money. If you believe you do not owe the money, you may state this in your letter. Be aware that a legitimate debt will not go away simply because the collection calls stop. Debt collectors must verify any debt you dispute in writing prior to renewing collection calls. Once a debt collector sends you verification of the debt, collection activities may resume. Simply informing a debt collector you are aware of these rights may curb any errant collection behavior. Many states have their own collection laws, and a debt collector who violates the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act may be violating state collection laws as well. Remember, the very first person who must stand up for your debt collection rights is you. Dealing with a debt collector who plays by the rules may be a stressful experience as well. If you need specific assistance and advice, consider contacting an attorney. You may also report any problems you encounter with a particular debt collector to the Federal Trade Commission by visiting ftc. For help handling calls from a collection agency, you may want to contact an attorney. Although this is not required, doing so can help make sure everything is being handled in a legal way. And the American Bar Association has a consumer guide that provides a directory of legal resources available in each state. You may also be able to find an attorney with debt collection experience through the National Association of Consumer Advocates. This nonprofit association of attorneys and consumer advocates has members throughout the country. You are entitled to a free copy of your credit reports from each of the three main credit bureaus — Experian, Equifax and TransUnion — every 12 months. You can access them by visiting AnnualCreditReport. This will give you insight into two of your credit scores. Additional reporting by Lucy Lazarony. Comments on articles and responses to those comments are not provided or commissioned by a bank advertiser. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by a bank advertiser. Please note that our comments are moderated, so it may take a little time before you see them on the page. Thanks for your patience. One of those Dakotas. That debt, when it hit 91 days past due, was sold off to Cohen and Associates. They called me so often I always let calls from numbers not in my contacts go to voice mail and left me terribly abusive and angry messages. I finally once called them back to tell them that they would not be seeing any money from me, ever, and then followed up with a letter informing them that they are not to call me. This was all like this went on. Given the age of the debt, is it in my best interested to pay it off? Once it is written off, who would I call, Elan or Cohen? What state are you in? The answer to those two questions will help to better answer how much of your interests are served by resolving the debt. I would start by contacting the last known collector. Is this the only account you have that has gone into collection? If so, you may be able to determine who has the debt by the inquiries being made to your credit. The last payment was made April They called me as often as 3 times a day, often while I was at work and could not take calls, and left me increasingly nasty threatening voice mails. I never heard another thing from them. Now when I pull my credit report which I did on that debt still shows up as being owed. This company was informed 3 times that due to the job loss I would not be able to make payments until things turned around for me. All I got was the computerized bills telling me that I was late paying. When I finally called them I was told that it was sent to a collection agency and that Elan would have no further dealings with me. I had a total of 4 revolving accounts that went south. Those 2 were handed off to a trustee here in Ohio and I worked out payments with them. That last one is this Elan thing and I would like to make that go away. I called them as recently as 3 weeks ago and was told that the account was closed as a write off. What else can I do here? It is currently the only money owed on my credit file. When you see the account reported by the original creditor on your reports, does it show a balance due, or does it reflect zero? If zero, can you recognize any known debt collectors as having made credit inquiries in the last 3 to 6 months? The balance shown includes late fees, which is what the billing system computer provided. Other info that may or may not be pertinent is that it was opened June and payment was perfect until I lost my job in May After that I paid like every 3rd month or so but it went under totally by spring of At 90 days they sold it to the collection agency. I will try to call the original lender again and see what they tell me. I do not think it is sold off to anyone, as your comment reads like the original creditor is still showing the balance owed them if sold it would have to show zero balanced owed them, as they would have sold their rights to the debt. Word your negotiations carefully. I would not go at it making demands. Joy Campbell It will most likely stay on your credit report until 10 years from the last payment you made. Was it a participating provider in your insurance network? Have you asked them about how to apply for their financial aid program? If it is a non-profit hospital they must provide you with that information and give you the opportunity to apply. We wrote about that here: I had quiet my job 7 months previously to bring him into my home and care for him fulltime. We literally lived off of his Social Security check during this time. Within a few months after he died, I could no longer pay my monthly bills because I was unemployed. I began having health problems, beginning with severe depression. I then found out I had a brain tumor, diabetes, high blood pressure, and began have seizure activity from the brain tumor which has not been removed as of yet. I filed for disability and it was approved within 4 months of filing. I had several credit cards that I was paying on time until after my dad died. I live in Maryland. I am unable to make the payments on any of these cards. I get calls everyday. I explain my situation each time. Top 10 question to ask a girl

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