Touching girls chest. Jeb Bush's touching eulogy to his 'precious' mother Barbara.

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Touching girls chest

It was so touching, George H. Bush broke down in sobs as he listened to his son speak about their year marriage. Here is Jeb's eulogy in full: Don't' drag this out. Remember, I've spent decades laughing and living a life with these people! She called her style, a benevolent dictatorship. But honestly, it wasn't always benevolent. I want to thank Neil and Maria for their next door family love of our parents and thank John and Suzanne for their eloquent words. We want to thank Russ and Laura for their friendship and pastoral care of our parents and we want to thank all that are here to celebrate the life of Barbara Bush. Always tell the truth, Never disparage anyone. Now to be clear, her students weren't perfect. We learned a lot more from our mom and our Ganny Her authentic, plastic pearls. Her not coloring her hair - by the way, she was beautiful till the day she died. They didn't fight as much and they were actually nice to be with. He looked like hell Mom opened her eyes and said, "My God, George, you are devastatingly handsome! We learned a lot more from our mom and our Ganny. We learned not to take ourselves too seriously 'We learned that humor is a joy that should be shared some of my greatest memories are participating in our family dinners when mom would get into it, most of the time with George W, as you might imagine, and having us all laughing to tears. Oops, I forgot we did that 49 years ago. I was very happy on that day in but I am even happier today. You have made our boys into men by balling them out and then, right away, by loving them. And a thousand other ways. Barbara Pierce Bush was real and that's people admired her and loved her so. The last time I was with her, I asked her about dying She said, "I don't want to leave your father but I know I will be in a beautiful place. Mom, we look forward to being with you and all of God's children Was she ready to go? Without missing a beat, she said, "Jeb, I believe in Jesus and he is my savior. Jeb Bush's touching eulogy to his 'precious' mother Barbara. Touching girls chest

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