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Virtual girl

Welcome to the Museum of Talking Boards. The Internet's leading website on Ouija boards past and present. Discover the history and lore of spirit boards and visit antique galleries. Your specific questions may be answered on the Ouija FAQ page, so be sure to have a look. Use the site map to navigate the Museum and you will never be lost nor will you encounter any unfriendly spirits. Is that easy, or what? In case you were wondering, the Internet Web Ouija was originally created by Mike Hall as an experiment. If you are disappointed with what the Web Ouija tells you, despair not they have several others for you to try. From the Official Exorcist site. After clicking on the left to launch the game, click on the pointer, and move your mouse in a figure eight to summon the demon Pazuzu. If you're having problems, hold down the shift key for a guide. Then hold your mouse lightly on the pointer and follow it as your answer is revealed. Back to the Jar. Please note that you will need the Flash 4 plug-in for this page. If you don't have it, This is a web-based "witchboard" similar to Hasbro's Ouija Board. In addition to this page we also have three other boards: A board by Kipling West. Ouija - http: Live Ouija board with planchette, and also your own version for which you use your mouse as the planchette. Includes chat as well. Works best with PCs using Internet Explorer 5. It does not work with Netscape on Macs. Virtual girl

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