What girls want in a relationship. Relationship.

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10 Things Girls REALLY Want From Guys

What girls want in a relationship

Maybe Hollywood is tapping into the ancestral female animal instinct to choose the mightiest, strongest, toughest genes for their offspring. Whatever the reason, in Hollywood, it's the bad boys the girls want. The "bad boy" targets the strongest womanly instincts: All this, of course, tends to gloss over the fact that bad boys are bad, meaning criminally inclined, self-centered , probably not too mentally stable , potentially abusive, might have trouble keeping a legal job, and will most likely be more interested in the physical read: He's also probably not going to be that concerned with fidelity, either. So what if he can't be trusted? It's an honor for girls in media to be chosen by him, to walk into prom night with him on her arm, to ride on the back of his motorcycle with her arms around his waist, to stick her tongue out at the Alpha Bitch from the passenger's seat of his stolen convertible. Depending on the nature of the Bad Boy and whether he's redeemable or not, use of this trope may cause the viewer to question the character's sense or intelligence, particularly if it's immediately obvious to everyone from the outset of the relationship that the man is a thoroughly nasty piece of work. If the bad boy and or the girl are unimportant characters, they have a tendency to be Straw Characters. This portrayal can sometimes be the product of Entitled to Have You , Standard Hero Reward or Nice Guys Finish Last on the part of good guy we're supposed to root for or the audience or the author. This bad boy is made to be a foil and show how "undesirable" the other options are. This can backfire if there are female audience members who have something else in mind. Ironically, their Fix Fic is likely to 1 make the bad boy look better and 2 make the nice guy look worse. Sometimes the badness is an Informed Attribute , such as with the Lovable Rogue. It all depends on what the author wants to use this trope for. It's entirely possible for someone to look like a bad boy but not fit the above description. Sometimes a supposed bad boy who really isn't has to deal with the advances of a hyperactive Fangirl who doesn't know when to cut it out resulting in comedy at the "bad boy's" expense. Interestingly, younger women are often portrayed as prone to this trope, while older, more mature, and wiser women meaning 35 and older seem much less receptive to "bad boy" vibes maybe they learnt their lesson through painful experience or are simply mature enough to know better , although there are always exceptions especially bored housewifes with marital issues. Can be portrayed as being either savvy or if the bad boy falls into the not really a bad boy category especially if he is a main character as a overly protective but well meaning mother figure for the girl. For really bad bad boys, the Girl either intentionally or not may find herself becoming a Monster Fangirl or a Love Martyr at worst. The girl may also go to the other end and find what they are looking for is the Nice Guy because Single Woman Seeks Good Man —particularly as a Second Love , and often via Just Friends , when they've been burned by their previous boyfriend. A popular subversion is to make the guy look like a bad guy but revealing himself as a Jerk With A Heart Of Gold with little to no criminal record. The fandom reaction version of this is Draco in Leather Pants. A male Sexier Alter Ego will probably be one of these. Contrast Adorkable and Weakness Turns Her On , where more timid, sweet, and "uncool" characters are seen as attractive. Despite the gendered name, it can also be gender-inverted or applied to same-sex couples. This is actually supported by the Trivers-Willard hypothesis ; females in poor conditions have more female than male children, while females in comfortable conditions have more male than female children. Thus, the children of comfortable IE wealthy parents always have their choice of females to impregnate. While in modern times such children are from less outright "bad" origins, in pre-industrial times that meant the children of warlords. And females that submitted to them were more likely to be placed in comfortable conditions to bear males. Feel free to throw up. What girls want in a relationship

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  1. I feel that everyone has the right to decide what works best for them. Boys have been interested since they were little even sending Valentines in class.

  2. Frankly, you are carelessly spewing sexist and archaic ideologies that succumb to bullshit gender roles and binaries. I understand however that the language of the post is vague and phrases out of context could seem misleading. Get ready to fuck tonight!

  3. I wish there was so you could really let this all sink in for you. I know the word pursue has different connotations, but the point is that the relationship should be reciprocal.

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