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What will make a girl happy

A sick abuse of an year-old? But maybe the youngster's biggest tragedy is that her mother, Jayne, 31, is in no hurry to paint a picture of how it used to be. All about the look: Still, times have changed. All girls their age are. Of course they are! Why else would you be able to buy make-up for pre-teens at Boots? But, around big cities, girls have got to be more forward and act older than they are. That's just the way it is. None of it is permanent. Hair extensions come out. Why all the fuss? Former glamour model Jayne and daughter Sasha attend beauty pageants all over the world It wasn't an altogether beautiful experience. Jayne tells me she was uneasy about the way the contest was run, citing odd rules about how much make-up should be applied to those pre-pubescent faces and including confusing clauses about how contestants could bring make-up artists but should try to look 'natural'. At first, I think she is criticising the organisers for encouraging the children to look too adult. Looking back, it was all very conservative. They kept saying they wanted the girls to look natural. Let them slap it on! Jayne was at her side, helping her practise her sashay. The pair took a documentary team with them, and found what you'd expect at a U. She explains how to turn your body round while holding the judges' eyes, before flipping your head round at the last minute 'like that Exorcist child'. Sasha might not have won, but Jayne loved the process, describing it as 'the best fun ever'. It's weird, but brilliant. They take it so seriously, which can only be good for someone like Sasha. No expense is spared. The one we bought Sasha was out of this world. Sasha just ran through all the dresses, she was in her element. Enlarge Jayne talks about Sasha's media 'career', believing her daughter is a bona fide celebrity, and is proud to have been instrumental in making that happen 'Back home, we have to buy an adult dress and get it altered to fit, but there they are totally geared up for girls her age. The girls are encouraged to put on masses of make-up. It was just like a big theatrical event, like being transported to another world. I wasn't there to have the dress I wanted. I was there so that Sasha could win. I was amazed at how much there was to learn, but I knew I was in the hands of the experts. I watched them on the catwalk, with their arms held so precisely, walking slowly and turning just so. They reminded me of little ballerina dolls. The image I have in my head is of Exorcist Barbie, but Jayne sees something else entirely. I'd love to have those sort of pictures, nice pictures, rather than ones you hide away because you can't bear to look at them. Jordan is her idol and I fully support her in that. She's a great role model, this really down-to-earth woman who has made a big success of her life. She chatters away about Sasha's media 'career', believing her daughter is a bona fide celebrity, and is proud to have been instrumental in making that happen. What girl of her age can say that? Going to the States was just the next stage in all of this, and it's been worthwhile. I want Sasha to have all the options. Enlarge 'People say she looks like Barbie' - Jayne is so proud of her daughter's success The model booker says a vehement 'no', horrified by her portfolio, and tells Jayne that clients want their child models to look like children, and that for this sort of career success she would have to stop bleaching Sasha's hair and encouraging her to wear plastic nails. Jayne refuses to comply. It comes as no surprise that Jayne used to be a model herself, and one who worked in the 'glamour' side of the business. One of her own happiest memories is of entering a beauty pageant and winning the coveted sash. One day I was an ordinary clerical worker, the next everyone was looking at me. Who knows what would have happened if I'd started earlier? She boasts she has met the pneumatic queen of the glamour world, and was even photographed with her. They were both products of their time. As she watched Jordan achieve extraordinary mainstream success, Jayne tried to forge her own path in the new world, where everything crass and ostentatious was celebrated rather than shunned. She set up a limo hire business, and tried to get a foothold in the reality TV world, appearing on Wife Swap. If something comes up. I'm not past it yet. Even as a baby she was a 'total poser', playing up for the cameras and basking in the attention. I'm just helping her do what she wants, like any good parent would. It's not pushing her into anything. I hate it when people say I'm a pushy parent. I just want the best for her. It is Jayne herself who says that her daughter looks 'about 18' when she has full make-up on. Paedophiles don't want girls who look If anything, it's the fresh-faced younger ones they want. There are plenty of year-old girls on beaches in bikinis. If people have a problem with it, I'd say it is their problem, not mine. Has Jayne ever stopped Sasha doing anything? Sasha clearly has her belly button pierced, and is happy to display the evidence in her photo shoots. I'm not always that strict with her. I know there is nothing bad about what I'm doing. I'm just helping my daughter make something of her life. Any good mum would do the same. What if Andrew Lloyd Webber walks past? Ask Sasha how she sees herself and she replies: Share or comment on this article: What will make a girl happy

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  1. I'm just helping her do what she wants, like any good parent would. For about feet, there will be a high amount of bee activity on that side of the hive.

  2. The smoke makes the bees think a wildfire is near and triggers them to gorge on honey. And while these devices affect both men and women, it seems to be having a worse impact on women who seem to have merged with the machine to become one with it.

  3. Why else would you be able to buy make-up for pre-teens at Boots? If someone's got happy feet, it means they have the urge to dance.

  4. New beekeepers tend to have a slightly idealized concept of what beekeeping will be like. Feeding will stimulate starter colonies to build new comb and increase their population. I hate it when people say I'm a pushy parent.

  5. That way you can recognize any changes if and when they happen. If someone's got happy feet, it means they have the urge to dance.

  6. But maybe the youngster's biggest tragedy is that her mother, Jayne, 31, is in no hurry to paint a picture of how it used to be. Find what works for you and never stop learning.

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