When a girl looks at you then looks away. A Man’s Guide To Women Based Purely On Looks.

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What It means when a girl looks at you

When a girl looks at you then looks away

Hume, formerly known as Law Dogger, is an attorney and the litigation partner of his law firm. A traditionalist at heart, he travels often in an attempt to expose himself to as many cultures across the globe as possible. His column runs every so often and he can be found on Twitter as well. There has been something that has been bothering me lately. Bothering me so much so I feel compelled to write about it in the silly hope it will reach at least one male who has voluntarily cloaked his eyes of this necessary truth. And I see it everywhere, in America at least. Unfortunately it is nothing new at all, and something we have all commonly designated as one of the main contributors to the female attitude encompassed in western society these days. This is the valuation of women higher than their actual worth by men. I know you have seen it too. The decent looking guy with money having a Friday night dinner with a girl who could be a face double for Sarah Jessica Parker. Even the average guy who is being yelled at by an obese American girl who wears yoga pants, despite it causing ocular pain to those in her immediate orbit. Please guys, stop it. Let me put it bluntly: Yet this is rarely the case in America and increasingly abroad. Instead I see what I described above, and just want to grab the offending male and shake him. Each category range will follow with a short cheat sheet. As always, a few disclaimers. First, I fully understand looks are not everything. The ability of a girl to pull a Gandalf and magically make her teeth disappear during a blowjob counts for something. Knowing her way around a kitchen and having the desire to be there is not to be overlooked. Having slept with 3 guys in her life versus 30 this year puts her in a different category all together see this recent article on how to categorize based on this factor. And that is why my bolded statement above says heavily, as opposed to exclusively. Nonetheless for purposes of this article, we are focusing purely on looks. Put aside the bisexual blowjob Italian cook for the time being. Second, I will not hold myself out as holier than thou. But as long as you are progressing towards this structure, as I have found myself to do so the older and more discriminating I get, the better man you will become. There is huge amount of subjectivity blondes vs. Additionally, experience plays a role. You can read the quick article for a full analysis of the scale. Disfigured or irretrievably mutilated. Has two heads, is missing an eye, etc. Barely passes the boner test. Zero embarrassment, even some nascent pride in being seen with her. You could bring her to things without looking bad, or losing any of the luster on your game. Would be straight-up proud to be seen with her or bring her to things. This is often the sweet spot for long-term relationship material. This is a girl who can easily monetize her beauty. A theoretical abstraction that only exists in the laboratory. At the end of each category I will list a quick cheat sheet. Just so we are all on the same page, here is my definition of each classification. Over three months of actual dating. To her and the world objectively, you are exclusive. I will withhold my thoughts on male monogamy for now. Up to three months of actual dating. To the extent she is seeing other men, you are her number one. You see each other for sex, but occasionally grab a drink or a sandwich. You may watch a movie together. She may join you out at a bar with your friends here and there. Of course when you get to fuck buddy and higher categories, personality does matter. After all even in the fuck buddy category you will be spending some non-coital time with this person. The 1 — 4 Group: If a girl is in the group I am not even going to discuss the 0 category , then she only can be mentioned in two scenarios. Most careers start with demeaning, shitty work before you get to the point of where you want to be. Except… If you are blackout drunk. And I mean to the point of zero recollection, not the typical overindulgence in alcohol that most people engage in on weekends. One night in Vegas, I suited up and went out to a club. The first girl I hit on took to me, and she was gorgeous. Distraught, and as a younger lad, I turned to more drinks to quell my disappointment. Heavily inebriated now, I found a new girl with a great body but housing a face mimicking that of Abe Vigoda. Made out with her, and then lost her. However, my downward progression of that night did not end there. More alcohol, and I go dark. Wake up in the morning on my bed, naked, condom wrapper on the floor. I only have flashes of the night after the Abe Vigoda girl, akin to those an alien abductee would have following some experimentation as portrayed in a sci-fi novel. My friends tell me I left with a beast, a 3 at most. I have no recollection other than a flash of blonde hair, and a millisecond of fornicative memory. If you truly have no conception of consciousness, you get a pass. As a man who respects himself you should not be engaging these girls in any way other than the rare cases identified above. Society and I beg of you. When a girl looks at you then looks away

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  6. Even the average guy who is being yelled at by an obese American girl who wears yoga pants, despite it causing ocular pain to those in her immediate orbit. And I felt like I was getting some odd looks from people who see me often.

  7. But I already got a coke in my hand! For women, 26 is not the new 16; 30 is not the new 18; 40 is not the new

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